Make more money and Save Time with VMAC UNDERHOOD70 air compressor

Learn how VMAC’s UNDERHOOD70 air compressor will Revolutionize your Mobile Commercial Tire Service business

It is no secret that the economy has been steadily improving and this has led to the dialogue at commercial tire dealerships shifting from the price to the quality of commercial tires. Your customers are willing to pay more up front for quality tires to lower the overall cost of ownership. However, they are still looking for the best and fastest possible mobile service to reduce downtime in this ultra-competitive business. Did you know that switching from a 20 CFM gas drive reciprocating compressor to an UNDERHOOD70 air compressor can save you over 4 minutes per tire while changing a typical tractor trailer tire? Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) switching from a 30 CFM gas drive reciprocating compressor to an UNDERHOOD70 can save you 3-5% off of your annual fuel bill? Find out what some of the industry’s largest companies already know – the VMAC UNDERHOOD air compressor can revolutionize your mobile commercial tire service business.




How much power do you need? VMAC uses rotary screw compressor technology generating up to 70 CFM or 150 CFM and 175 PSI of free air delivery. This means that your truck now has enough power to run all your air tools including spline-drive air guns, 1 ¼” impact guns, tire buffers, “quick-airs” and more. More importantly your air is instant. Turn your compressor on and go to work.

"Time is money, and the VMAC units work very fast.” – Bruce Walkden, Kal Tire.


VMAC UNDERHOOD Air Systems are lightweight and compact and are conveniently mounted under the hood of your truck. Save valuable cargo space in the back of your truck for more important things like tires and equipment. Decrease payload to reduce the wear and tear on your truck while at the same time increasing fuel economy.

"Instead of being a gas powered engine in the back of an eight foot pickup box that you always have to keep filling up with oil and gas, they’re UNDERHOOD. They take up less space. They’re lower maintenance. They’re more efficient.” - Kelly Yates, Russell Truck Equipment.


How much time do you spend waiting for your air compressor? Do you wait for bulky air tanks to fill? Can you imagine turning your compressor on and working continuously until the job is done? How about doing this without taking up a bunch of room and weight on your truck? VMAC's patented rotary screw compressors are the choice for tire service trucks throughout North America. How many more tires could you carry, if you didn’t have a big air compressor in the back of your truck? How many more jobs could you get done in a day by using a high performance air compressor specifically designed for your application? Imagine not having to carry gas for your air compressor. Saves money. Save time. Save space.

“Tire installs are a lot quicker because I don’t have to wait for air. I used to get 1 or 2 lug nuts off, then I would have to wait a couple of minutes for the air compressor to build air. Now I don’t have to wait. My VMAC air compressor keeps up with anything I’m doing, I can’t outwork it. It helps me get my job done fast so I can quickly move on to my next job and get home before dark.” – Kade Van Shaik, Highway Tire

For more information about the product above, contact your local VMAC dealer. You can also reach a VMAC representative direct at 888.413.2292.