VMAC UNDERHOOD Air Compressors for 2017 Model Year Vehicles – JANUARY PRODUCTION

All UNDERHOOD 30, 70 and 150 CFM air systems and DTM 70 CFM air systems for 2017 model year vehicles are ready for January production.

If cargo space, GVW, maintenance costs and operator safety are concerns, VMAC UNDERHOOD and DTM air compressors are the best possible solution. System mounting kits are engineered to be compact and powerful, there is no secondary engine to carry, service or fill with fuel. This translates into vehicle weight reduction, savings in maintenance costs and improved safety for operators.

VMAC engineers truck and van mounting kits for the easiest possible installation. Working closely with leading truck and van manufacturers, VMAC ensures that mounting kits do not affect OEM warranties. Mounting kits are custom-engineered for specific vehicle makes, models, engines, and model years.

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