VMAC Multifunction - Compressor-Generator Power System

Multifunction – Compressor-Generator Power System


For customers who need an air compressor and an AC generator.

This self-contained system can be fully integrated into any diesel work truck fuel system or skid-mounted for stand-alone applications with an optional external fuel tank.

Components included:

  • 45 CFM Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • 10.2 kW Continuous AC Generator
  • Factory-installed Cold Climate Kit – 120 V, tested to -40°F (-40°C)

Applications – Common jobs that use the Compressor-Generator Power System:

  • Mobile heavy duty mechanics
  • Heavy equipment repair technicians
  • Mobile tire service technicians
  • 24/7 roadside repair technicians


Multifunction-Compressor-Generator-Power-System Components

High airflow, 100% duty cycle with the reliability of the global leader in mobile compressed air.

Proven mobile power solution to run your electronic equipment and electric tools.

Cold Climate Protection recommended if ambient temperatures frequently drop below -10C (14F). Combine with optional 1000W inverter and warm the system on the way to the job site.


Air Compressor: 45 CFM and up to 175 psi, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw, belt driven
Engine: Kubota Diesel D902 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated 3,600 RPM, Tier 4 Final
AC Generator:
  • 10.2 kW continuous output
  • 1 x 30 A, 240 V, 60 Hz three phase circuit with terminal strip
  • 2 x 20 A, 120 V, 60 Hz single phase circuit with terminal strip
Throttle Control: 2-speed throttle, responds to air demand
Battery: Integrated ACDelco 12 V, 460 CCA, 575 CA
Control System:
  • Easy to use digital control system with adjustable parameters.
  • Remote mounted generator and compressor control panel.
  • Separate selector switches engage compressor and generator.
  • Any one function or all can be selected and used simultaneously.
  • With compressor-only selected, and sustained periods of no air use, the control system will shut down the engine.
  • Engine auto-restarts with air demand.
  • With any other function selected, the engine will not shut down automatically.
Cold Climate Protection:
  • Adjustable glow plug control.
  • Engine and compressor will wait till the temperatures are above 41oF (5oC) before loading and going into a running state.
  • Engine will automatically restart when system temperature falls below 23oF (-5oC); small heat strip included in LCD Digital Control Box.
  • Battery jump start connections are recommended to be tied into the truck batteries in locations where extreme cold is expected. It is not necessary in mild climates.
Weight (wet): Compressor-Generator – approximately 550 lbs (249 kg)
  • 33” (l) x 23” (w) x 29” (h); 83.8 cm (l) x 58.4 cm (w) x 73.7 cm (h)
  • Mounting Plate: 20” (l) x 20” (w); 50.8 cm (l) x 50.8 cm (w)
Decibels (dB) @ 21 feet (6.4 meters): 81.2 dB at high idle, 76 dB at low idle, 0 dB in Standby Mode
Fuel Supply Options:
  • 7-Gallon tank with fuel gauge and low fuel shut-off sensor
  • External Diesel Fuel Pump Kit
Air Receiver Tank (recommended, not included): Minimum 10-Gallon Air Receiver Tank - Recommended for proper operation of all functions.
  • Two years on all major components; VMAC air ends are covered by VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty; the Kubota engine is covered by Kubota’s 2-Year warranty.
  • For more information about VMAC’s or Kubota’s warranty policies, visit www.vmacair.com/warranty