Types of Compressors for your Industrial Engine

You’ve decided that your current application needs compressed air.  You’ve figured out how much air you need, how you are going to drive the compressor and what engine you are going to use to power it.  Now comes the time to make the decision of what type of compressor is best suited for your particular needs.  When choosing the type of compressor, there are really only 3 styles commonly found in mobile applications.

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Total Patcher™ gives the customer more with help from VMAC

Buoyed by a strong economy, much needed road construction is back underway in the United States. Governments at all levels have money again, and public-private partnerships (P3s) are growing. It’s a marked shift from just a few years ago when things were stalled to a near standstill across the country.

Crews are busy and workers are scarce. These are great problems to have. However, it is also time to make hay while the sun shines and every advantage helps.

After skilled labor, the next biggest investment that effects a road construction company’s ability to drive profit is its equipment. Road crews run a lot of equipment. It’s expensive and cumbersome, making innovation in the highly competitive industry an important endeavor.

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The Importance of Air Receivers / Auxiliary Air Tanks

Compressed air applications can often benefit from the installation of an air receiver tank.  The receiver tank serves many important functions:

A300047-A 10 gallon air receiver tank

A 10-gallon air receiver tank

  • It damps pulsations from the discharge line of a reciprocating compressor, resulting in an essentially steady flow of air in the system.
  • It serves as an air reservoir to take care of sudden or unusually heavy demands for air in excess of the compressor’s designed capacity.
  • It prevents the excessive cycling of a compressor.
  • It knocks out solid dirt and particulate matter that may have passed through the compressor inlet filter or may be formed by compressor wear.
  • It precipitates out contaminants and oil carry-over from the compressor oil that might get into the compressor discharge
  • It helps cool the compressed air and precipitates out moisture that inevitably results from air compression

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