With Ogura’s help, VMAC develops tiny 30CFM air compressor and discovers new market

VMAC UNDERHOOD 30 CFM Air Compressor

Ogura’s new small size/high torque electromagnetic clutch helps VMAC’s aftermarket UNDERHOOD™ LITE air compressor meet performance and cost reduction goals previously unobtainable.

Today’s commercial van manufacturers are changing the game by delivering new Euro style vans to North America. These new platforms boost fuel efficiency and increase cargo space dramatically. Ford’s 3.7 L Transit, Mercedes Benz’s 3.0L Sprinter, and the Ram 3.6L ProMaster are but three of the new entrees causing shakeups in the mobile service industry.

While these vehicles offer state of the art engines, reduced emissions, and roomy vehicle platforms, they have drastically reduced the amount of available under hood space usually allocated for engine driven aftermarket components such as; air compressors, secondary alternators and hydraulic systems.  Generally, mobile service businesses and municipalities buy these vehicles and outfit them with engine driven accessory systems for the many important tasks they do every day.

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ACFM (Actual Cubic Feet per Minute) vs. SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute)

The air compressor industry is full of acronyms for measuring airflow or consumption.  Two common measurements are ACFM and SCFM.

ACFM (Actual Cubic Feet per Minute) may have different definitions depending on the industry.  VMAC defines ACFM as the true air mass flow given a certain set of real life conditions.  A pneumatic tool may demand a specific minimum air mass flow for it to perform properly on the job site.  ACFM varies depending on atmospheric conditions on the job site.

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Most Common Compressed Air Drying Methods

As mentioned in previous articles, when compressing air, liquid is also brought into the air stream.  When cooling, that liquid condenses and is delivered with the compressed air to your tool or application.  There are a number of ways of removing or reducing the amount of liquid in the air stream.  These include:

  • Storage Tank Cooling Method
  • After-cooling
    • Air-cooled versions
    • Water Cooled Versions
  • Absorption Drying
  • Adsorption Drying

This article will go into the details of each drying method.

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Commercial Van Education

Interest in commercial vans to replace traditional service trucks continues to grow. Sales figures provided by the NTEA (National Truck Equipment Association) show it’s a trend that is not fading. Growth has been sustained over about a 5-year period, and the reasons for this are clear. Continue reading “Commercial Van Education”