VMAC’s New G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor, Now Powered by Honda

G30 Gas Driven Air CompressorAfter months of development and testing, VMAC has released the new G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor, now powered by Honda. Popular with mobile mechanics, tire service technicians, and light-duty contractors, the G30 is the best choice for operators using air tools for light duty applications. And with the change from the Subaru EX40 engine to the Honda GX390 engine, comes several key improvements:

  • 23% quieter at high idle, and 75% quieter at low idle
    • Operators will appreciate the reduction in noise, especially when working in residential areas
  • 15% better fuel economy—the G30 can run longer on a single tank of gas
    • Save on gas costs, and enjoy more productivity with fewer interruptions to refuel
  • Improved operational performance at hot temperatures and high elevations
    • The G30 will perform even in tough conditions

New Honda Gas Engine, Same VMAC Power

Despite the notable change in the engine, from the Subaru EX40 to the Honda GX390, VMAC’s G30 is still the most affordable gas driven rotary screw air compressor available, providing lightweight, compact, and powerful performance for mobile work truck applications:

  • 50% lighter*—weighing only 205 lbsG30 Gas Driven Air CompressorG30 Gas Driven Air Compressor Mounted
    • The Environmental Protection Agency has calculated that for every 100 lbs of weight reduction, a vehicle’s fuel economy can increase by up to 2%. This means that the G30 can save you up to 4% in fuel.
  • 50% more powerful*—30 CFM, 100% of the time
    • Typical gas driven reciprocating air compressors produce approximately 20 CFM and can only operate at 50% duty cycle, which is why they require large air receiver tanks. The G30 can operate at 100% duty cycle, which means you won’t have to wait for air to build, and can work without interruption.
  • 50% smaller*—measuring just 34” (l) x 21.5” (w) x 24” (h)
    • The compact size of the G30 frees up to 15 cubic feet on the truck body. It can even fit on the side pack of a single rear wheel service body. This leaves more room in the back of the truck for supplies, tools, and equipment. Visibility is improved as well, because the short height of the G30 means that it won’t obstruct the view in the rear window.

*Compared to competing 22 to 30 CFM reciprocating gas engine driven air compressors, with 30-gallon air receiver tank.


VMAC G30 owners will appreciate the industry’s first limited lifetime warranty on the G30’s compressor air-end. In addition, Honda offers a 3-year limited warranty on the engine. Learn more about VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty (Limited) here.

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Upgrade Your Air Compressor & Improve Cold Weather Performance

Though it may feel like summer just started, the reality is that fall is just around the corner, and with it comes the rain, frost, ice, and in most cases, snow. Now is the time to start planning and ensuring that this winter your equipment is ready to work as hard as you do in the freezing temperatures.

Think back to last year’s winter season, did your air compressor let you down in any of the following ways?

• Refused to start

• Broke down frequently

• Caused a cumbersome safety hazard while parked on the side of the road

• Required maintenance to be done standing in the truck bed or on a ladder next to your truck

• Required snow and slush to be dug out from around the deck-mounted unit so it could warm up enough to run

If any of these challenges sounded familiar, then it’s time to consider upgrading to a UNDERHOOD™ rotary screw air compressor. Here’s how an UNDERHOOD™ air compressor solves each of these issues:


UNDERHOOD™ 70 Installed on Truck

The last thing you need when working outside in the elements is difficulty starting your equipment, or an unexpected breakdown on the jobsite. The UNDERHOOD™ air compressor is very reliable, and proven to operate in extreme cold conditions. Manufactured in North America in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, VMAC air compressors and multipower systems meet high quality standards, and are backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty (Limited).


Maintenance costs are greatly reduced by investing in the UNDERHOOD™ air compressor as high-quality aluminum parts, and few moving pieces means VMAC air compressors require less maintenance and servicing than a reciprocating air compressor. An UNDERHOOD™ air compressor also requires less maintenance than a hydraulic deck-mounted or engine driven air compressor because there is no hydraulic or engine-related components to maintain. To ensure the best performance, regular compressor maintenance is recommended by VMAC.


Above-deck air compressors can cause a major safety hazard in snowy and icy conditions. Operators have to climb into the back of a snow and ice-filled truck bed to dig out the air compressor to allow it to warm up enough to function. In addition, parking a tow-behind on the side of the road to conduct maintenance is challenging and dangerous, especially in bad weather. By having the UNDERHOOD™ air compressor stored safely under the hood, boots are kept on the ground, ensuring the safety of operators, and limiting OSHA and WCB concerns and claims.

Cold Weather Starting

The UNDERHOOD™ air compressor is mounted directly on your truck’s engine, which warms up the compressor on the way to the jobsite, and keeps it warm and protected from the elements, even when temperatures drop well below freezing.

Working outside in harsh winter conditions can be challenging enough, especially when temperatures drop below freezing. The UNDERHOOD™ air compressor relieves common pain points that many operators suffer from each winter, from decreased productivity to unsafe working conditions. Waiting for an air compressor to warm up, climbing in the back of a slippery truck to dig out equipment, and conducting maintenance on the side of the road in dangerous driving conditions are just some of the challenges that you can take out of the equation with an UNDERHOOD™ air compressor. So when planning your investments for this winter, include an upgrade to an UNDERHOOD™ rotary screw air compressor, contact [email protected].

Learn more about VMAC’s line of UNDERHOOD™ air compressors, ranging from 40 CFM up to 150 CFM outputs.

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Top 5 Reasons To Work With An ISO 9001 Registered Company

VMAC ISO Certified

VMAC’s ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) has recently awarded VMAC the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This respected certification recognizes companies for outstanding quality management systems (QMS) and standardization.

Benefits to Choosing an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Supplier

When choosing a supplier, be it for air compressors, multi-power systems, or something entirely different, it’s important to ensure you’re selecting the best option for your business. There are many benefits to choosing an ISO 9001 certified supplier, all of which improve customer satisfaction. Below are the top five reasons you will benefit from working with an ISO 9001 registered company.

1. Standardization

  •  ISO 9001 outlines the criteria for an organization’s quality management system, which drives standardization. Standardization results in a quality product each time that meets the required specifications; customers can expect the same exceptional products and services every time.

2. On-Time Delivery

  • With standardization comes efficiency, resulting in on-time delivery of products and services. An ISO certified company already has processes in place to calculate lead times and coordinate each step in the process from the initial order to the delivery of the product. These systems and relationships with trusted shipping companies result in fewer unexpected delays.

3. Cost Reduction

  • In addition to standardization and QMS, ISO 9001 focuses on continuous improvement in refining processes. In the case of manufacturing, ISO 9001 companies are constantly looking for ways to eliminate waste and operate more efficiently to deliver more value to customers.

4. Reliability

  • Having a QMS in place results in reliable products, meaning fewer failures, compared to those that don’t. Whether it be reliable parts, equipment, or customer service, standardization and quality management sets a company up for success in its deliverables. And if there are inconsistencies, an ISO 9001 certified company already has a process set up to identify and resolve the issue, plus improve the process to prevent the problem from replicating itself.

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Each of the above reasons result in improved customer satisfaction—the guiding principle of ISO is to ensure the quality of the products and services being offered consistently improves and meets the needs of customers.

Choosing an ISO 9001 certified company offers many benefits to you and your company, though we’ve just listed the top five. Visit the International Organization of Standardization’s website to learn more about ISO 9001.

Interested in learning more about how VMAC is continuously improving operations? Visit our LEAN blog series, which goes over topics including the VMAC Kanban system, and the 5S program.

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