SV Seeker: The Boat The Internet Built

Doug-JacksonLike so many others, Doug Jackson grew up watching “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau”, and instantly fell in love with the sea. In school, science and marine biology classes were Doug’s favorites, though he ultimately chose a career as a computer programmer and database administrator. Fast forward to years later; Doug is now back working on his dream of sailing the sea, just as Cousteau did, and SV Seeker is the boat that will take him there.
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City of Livonia Upgrades to UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressors

As the City of Livonia’s Department of Public Works’ Fleet Supervisor, Jim (Buzz) Kirby manages a lot of different equipment to keep operations running smoothly. For Buzz, overseeing the Department of Public Works’ (D.P.W.) equipment includes writing specs and performing evaluations, and overseeing the maintenance and repair of all equipment within the department. In addition, Buzz is responsible for making recommendations for upgrades. After it became apparent that the city’s outdated trailer-mounted air compressors needed an upgrade, Buzz audited the department’s equipment needs, and sought to solve the challenges operators had been describing.
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