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Air Compressor Education

Air Compressor Education

Air Tools

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need For Air Tools?

Air compressors come in many sizes, but the size doesn’t determine whether an air compressor is powerful enough for your air tools. Instead, you should assess your tools’ air requirements and find an air compressor size that can meet those requirements. Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better We’ve all heard that bigger isn’t always better, and […]


Compare Air Compressor, Generator & Welder Combos For Work Trucks (2021)

It’s not an easy task to compare systems that combine an air compressor, generator and welder into one tidy package, but we’re here to help! In this article, we compare several of the most popular air compressor generator welders. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to make a smart buying decision. Air compressor […]


How Many Hours Per Day Do You Use Your Air Compressor?

VMAC recently conducted a poll on our website, asking 975 people how many hours per day they use their air compressors. While most respondents use their air compressor for less than 3 hours a day, another 20% of respondents use compressed air for 8 or more hours each day. Regardless of whether you’re a heavy […]

Rotary Screw

How VMAC Reduced Its Rotor Production Time with Kata Experiments

VMAC is committed to lean manufacturing, a style of manufacturing that aims to reduce waste through continuous improvement. In celebration of Manufacturing Month, we wanted to share how we applied one lean tool—the Kata Improvement Method—to improve rotor production here at VMAC. Kata Improvement Method Many tools can be used to reduce waste in lean […]

Hydraulic Air Compressors

What Is A Hydraulic Air Compressor?

A hydraulic air compressor is an air compressor that’s powered by the hydraulics on a vehicle or machine. It allows operators to convert their hydraulic power into air power, ultimately equipping a vehicle or machine with both hydraulic power and air power. How Does A Hydraulic Air Compressor Work? A hydraulic air compressor works by […]


VMAC Survey Reveals Average Age of Fleet Service Vehicles With Air Compressors

VMAC’s recent survey on the state of the mobile compressed air industry has revealed many interesting findings, including the average age of fleet vehicles with air compressors. Our survey results contradict previous results compiled by the NTEA, suggesting that vehicles with air compressors tend to be newer and, possibly, replaced more often. What is the […]


Rotary Screw Air Compressor Maintenance Schedule

Routine maintenance keeps rotary screw air compressors healthy and working. Air compressors that are properly maintained perform better, last longer, and are less likely to break down. Manufacturers who back their systems with warranties also expect operators to maintain their systems. Failure to follow the maintenance schedule could lead to a rejected warranty claim in […]


How To Calculate Air Compressor CFM to kW

People have been asking how to calculate air compressor CFM to KW and we want to help tackle the question. But first and foremost, its essential to understand that CFM and KW are not directly convertible metrics. CFM refers to Cubic Feet per Minute, which measures the volume of air that is coming out of […]

Keeping your compressor cool

Keeping Your Cool: Managing Heat Rejection Requirements For Your Air Compressor System

After you’ve determined the size of air compressor you require and the engine needed to power that compressor, the next important step is to ensure the air compressor can operate optimally in your working environment. One important aspect of optimal performance is reducing and removing heat. The compression of air generates heat, and lots of it! […]


Survey Results: Air Compressors For Service Trucks & Vans

Plenty of organizations, including the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), have invested in major market research projects to understand current trends in service vehicles, and the industries they serve. The reports are substantial, however, VMAC identified an opportunity to focus on data related to service vehicle equipment and more specifically, onboard air compressors for service […]