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Air Compressor Education

Air Compressor Education


Van Series Air Compressors: Commercial Van Fleets Gain Popularity

Right-Sizing Commercial Fleets: Increased Sales Of Vans & VMAC Van Series Air Compressors The term “right-sizing” refers to converting a business unit to the optimal size to achieve maximum profit or efficiency. In this case, it describes the trend of businesses shifting their fleets from trucks to vans. Commercial van sales have been on the […]

Temperature Sensors & Switches

Why Is My Compressor Shutting Off? Temperature Sensors and Switches

Temperature Sensors and Switches Temperature switches and sensors are used on applications which require a solution to a temperature control situation. Often less complicated than most electronic controls, temperature sensors and switches are relatively easy to set up. Temperature sensors are often used for monitoring compressor coolant, oil and air inlet temperatures as well as […]


Auxiliary port driven air compressor system considerations

Today many industrial engines come equipped, or can be ordered with, an auxiliary port (pump drive) that is used to power accessory equipment.  Quite often you will find a hydraulic pump or a standard piston type air compressor mounted there; what isn’t seen much is a rotary screw compressor mounted there.  We’ve had many inquiries […]

Compressed Air Storage Tank

The Purpose and Functions of Compressed Air Storage Tank

We’re often asked if a particular air compressor installation requires the use of an air receiver tank. Most applications will benefit from the use of air storage whether it’s a vertical or horizontal air tank. The choice of what style of tank is generally made by the installation location and the amount and type of […]


The Deliquescent Dryer

The Deliquescent type compressed air drying system is a portable compressed air drying package used mainly for media blasting and painting contractors who are doing metal surface preparation work.


5 Reasons to Choose An UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressor For Your Work Van

Over the last decade, the popularity of commercial vans has steadily grown, as fleet managers and business owners look for cost-savings and improved efficiency in their vehicles. Many companies offer different outfitting options specific to vans, including shelving, storage boxes, tools, and accessories. In the case of air compressors, there are several different solutions, but […]


Equipment Rental Market Growth Opportunities – 2019

Massive Opportunity in the Equipment Rental Market The numbers are staggering. In 2014, the global construction equipment rental market was valued at over $34 billion, and is anticipated to reach almost $85 billion by 2022. On a slightly smaller scale, we’ve seen heavy equipment rentals increase across the United States and this trend isn’t expected […]

Components of your VMAC mobile rotary screw air compressor system

Components of your VMAC mobile rotary screw air compressor system

You’ve decided that a rotary screw compressor system is the right choice for your application; maybe you are converting from using reciprocating compressors. When installing your new compressor you’ll need to locate a few different components and plumb hosing between them. In this article, we’ll briefly explain the functions of the components of a rotary […]

Van Air Compressor UNDERHOOD40

Air Compressor Options Available for Service Vans

The only air compressor specifically engineered for commercial vans – VMAC UNDERHOOD 40 – Van Series If vehicle weight is a concern, and commercial van payload is limited, you can now choose equipment that not only reduces vehicle weight, but also frees up space, maximizes operator productivity, and eliminates common safety issues.

Did you know

Membrane Type Dryer

The Buck (moisture) Stops Here! Like all compressed air drying systems, each design has its abilities and its limitations.