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The Theory of Air Compressors

Theory of Air Compressors

Air Compressor Theory – The Cool Science Behind Compressed Air

Air Compressor Theory – The Cool Science Behind Compressed Air

Air is freely available everywhere. But compressed air is not. So, what is compressed air, and what happens to air when it is compressed? Read on to learn about the thermodynamics and simple physics of compressing air. We’ll also talk about the reasons for compressing air polytropically instead of isothermally or adiabatically (and don’t worry, […]


What’s the difference between PSI and CFM?

The difference between PSI and CFM is what they measure. PSI measures pressure, while CFM measures volume. PSI and CFM are performance specifications for air compressors and air-powered machinery. Together, they indicate the maximum air volume and pressure produced by an air compressor to power air tools. To better understand the difference between PSI and […]

Keeping your compressor cool

Keeping Your Cool: Managing Heat Rejection Requirements For Your Air Compressor System

After you’ve determined the size of air compressor you require and the engine needed to power that compressor, the next important step is to ensure the air compressor can operate optimally in your working environment. One important aspect of optimal performance is reducing and removing heat. The compression of air generates heat, and lots of it! […]


The 6 Most Common Compressed Air Drying Methods

Water is a challenge in every air compressor system. As air is compressed, water is created in the air stream. During cooling, that water condenses and mixes with the compressed air delivered to your tool or application. Some water is okay for most applications, but too much water can be a problem. That’s where compressed […]

Gas Drive working at Elevation

Why Does My Air Compressor Perform Differently At High Altitudes?

Anyone who has used an air compressor at high altitudes knows how frustrating it can be. At higher altitudes, air compressor performance is degraded, and it can take a lot longer to complete tasks than at lower altitudes. People who move to or work in areas that are at a higher altitude are often surprised […]


How Inlet Temperature Affects Your Air Flow

When designing an air compressor or purchasing a pre-designed system for your work, it’s important to consider where your compressor air intake is located because the location has a direct impact on the compressor’s performance. There are three important factors to consider with the inlet location: Particulates in the air (dust which can plug filters) […]


Auxiliary port driven air compressor system considerations

Today many industrial engines come equipped, or can be ordered with, an auxiliary port (pump drive) that is used to power accessory equipment.  Quite often you will find a hydraulic pump or a standard piston type air compressor mounted there; what isn’t seen much is a rotary screw compressor mounted there.  We’ve had many inquiries […]

Did you know

What are Dual Tower Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryers (and how do they work?)

Heaterless Type (Pressure Swing Dryers) Dual tower desiccant air dryers are used to produce dewpoint temperatures below the freezing point of water, as well as reduce the moisture content of compressed air used in critical process applications. Typical dewpoints produced by these types of dryers are -40° F to -100° F, although lower dewpoints are […]

Calculating time to fill

How To Calculate “Air Tank Fill Time” Using Simple Logic

If you need to find an estimate for how much time it will take to fill your air tank, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s say you have an air tank or another suitably rated pressure vessel, and you want to figure out how long it will take to bring the pressure up to […]


Compressed Air Treatment Methods

Using compressed air for tools and equipment is common. There are a variety of compressor styles to choose from. The challenge for users of compressed air is air cleanliness that is free of particulates, moisture and oil carry-over.  In this article we’ll discuss three different compressed air treatment methods.  Air receiver/ storage tanks, air after […]