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How The Right Commercial Van Air Compressor Protects Your Profits

Commercial vans are becoming more popular and, frankly, we aren’t surprised. Vans are convenient, prevent theft, include more advertising space, and are weatherproof. With such strong benefits, it makes sense many savvy mobile service companies are swapping their service trucks for vans.


Van Series Air Compressors: Commercial Van Fleets Gain Popularity

Right-Sizing Commercial Fleets: Increased Sales Of Vans & VMAC Van Series Air Compressors The term “right-sizing” refers to converting a business unit to the optimal size to achieve maximum profit or efficiency. In this case, it describes the trend of businesses shifting their fleets from trucks to vans. Commercial van sales have been on the […]


5 Reasons to Choose An UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressor For Your Work Van

Over the last decade, the popularity of commercial vans has steadily grown, as fleet managers and business owners look for cost-savings and improved efficiency in their vehicles. Many companies offer different outfitting options specific to vans, including shelving, storage boxes, tools, and accessories. In the case of air compressors, there are several different solutions, but […]

Van Air Compressor UNDERHOOD40

Air Compressor Options Available for Service Vans

The only air compressor specifically engineered for commercial vans – VMAC UNDERHOOD 40 – Van Series If vehicle weight is a concern, and commercial van payload is limited, you can now choose equipment that not only reduces vehicle weight, but also frees up space, maximizes operator productivity, and eliminates common safety issues.


Big Issues Caused By Overweight Commercial Vans

Commercial van weight can have significant impacts on any service truck business, especially in the United States. Heavy vans have to follow tighter regulations, undergo more inspections, and can face costly fines in some jurisdictions. Let’s break down what you need to know about weight and why extra weight on commercial vans can be a […]


Choosing an Air Compressor for your Commercial Van 2019

New Possibilities for Fleet Managers All-new commercial van models have entered or will soon be entering the North American market. These vans are causing fleet managers to take a fresh approach to different application possibilities including: plumbers, handymen, construction contractors, mobile mechanics, and mobile tire service technicians. These European-style vans are fuel efficient and have […]

Learn what an average job looks like for a typical commercial van operator

Mobile mechanics who choose commercial vans instead of traditional service trucks work with a different set of clients. Service trucks are equipped with a crane and a large air compressor so operators can work on heavy machinery wherever it has broken down. Service vans are equipped with electric or air powered hand tools and have […]