What Is An Underbody Air Compressor?

DTM70-RAM-Install-Render2An underbody air compressor is any air compressor that has been designed to mount under the body of a service vehicle. These air compressors are small but mighty, and are widely appreciated by upfitters and operators because they’re out of sight, save space, and reduce weight.

“Underbody air compressor” is a colloquial, less common term that isn’t widely used within the industry. Rather, these systems are more frequently called underdeck air compressors, PTO air compressors, or vehicle-mounted air compressors.

All underbody air compressors use rotary screw technology, as rotary screw air compressors are smaller and more efficient than reciprocating air compressors. Only a few manufacturers throughout the world design underbody air compressors, with VMAC serving as a leader in this innovative space.

Although technically not “under the body”, a popular alternative is the UNDERHOOD™ air compressor, which is mounted directly to a vehicle’s engine and provides similar benefits.

Types of Underbody Air Compressors

Underbody air compressors use one of two existing power sources on a vehicle:

  • PTO Port
  • Hydraulic Port

In theory, it’s relatively straight-forward to mount an air compressor to an existing PTO or hydraulic port. In practice, however, it becomes a bit more challenging. There is a very limited amount of space under a vehicle for additional components and manufacturers require ingenuity to overcome this challenge.

In addition to the two power sources, there are two common types of underbody air compressors:

  • Shaft
  • Direct-Mounted

Shaft: The most basic way to fit all the components under a vehicle is using a shaft. A shaft allows a manufacturer to place the components wherever they can easily fit and then connect it to the air compressors with a shaft. Unfortunately, shafts can cause alignment issues, are more likely to break, have unnecessary moving parts, require modifications to the truck’s transfer case, and add both parts and installation labor costs.

Direct-Mounted: The more professional type of underbody air compressor is designed to place the air compressor components directly on or beside the power source. This requires proper engineering and manufacturing capabilities, as components must be smaller and more intentionally designed, but results in systems that are compact, powerful, and durable. All of VMAC’s underbody air compressor designs utilize this style.

VMAC’s Direct-Transmission Mounted air compressor mounted to the PTO port of a RAM truck

Hydraulic Options For Underbody Air Compressors

Many underbody air compressors come with a hydraulic option, which allows operators to add hydraulic power to their vehicles. Underbody air compressors with hydraulics are popular with crane operators, as they easily allow operators to run hydraulic systems and air compressor systems simultaneously.

For example, VMAC’s DTM70-H system allows customers to operate small to medium sized air tools, as well as a hydraulic crane or other equipment simultaneously. Check out this video to see it in action:

Additional Underbody Air Compressor Resources

To learn more about underbody air compressors, explore the following resources:

Southern Tire Mart’s Quarry & Mining Manager Put VMAC’s DTM70 Air Compressor To The Test

STM logoWhen Rick Fleenor had the chance to test the first VMAC Direct-Transmission Mounted air compressor in the United States, it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Two years later, Rick has no regrets.

Rick is the Quarry & Mining Manager at Southern Tire Mart, where he works alongside a fleet of over 1500 vehicles. He uses his personal work truck, a 2015 Ford F-550, to service heavy duty OTR tires.

“I do a lot of service and maintenance on construction fleets and mining fleets. I check all the tires and use an air compressor to maintain tire pressure,” said Rick.

Trying out the new DTM70 was an easy “yes” for Rick, who was already familiar with VMAC’s line of UNDERHOOD air compressors.

DTM-Air-Compressor“My career in the tire industry spans over 45 years, and I’m used to seeing VMAC compressors under the hood. When I had this new truck built, my dealer at Arrowhead called and said they had a brand new VMAC system that used the PTO drive. I said, ‘Great, sign me up!’ I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it.”

Arrowhead Truck Equipment is a certified VMAC Dealer located in Bixby, Oklahoma, an easy 20 minutes from Southern Tire Mart’s Tulsa headquarters.

It’s been a couple years since Arrowhead installed Rick’s DTM70 and he now knows it was the right call. The DTM70 is dependable, easy to use, and enables Rick to provide fast and efficient service to his Southern Tire Mart clientele.

“The DTM70 is convenient and reliable,” said Rick. “There’s also very little maintenance to speak of—all you have to do is check the air filter occasionally—so there’s no downtime. Just 100% uptime.”

Before using the DTM70 system, Rick had to transport a gas drive compressor on the back of his truck. This led to the same challenges many workers in the tire industry experience: reduced space and increased weight, the need to constantly transport gasoline, and quite a bit of inconvenience.

“The gas compressor was always a pain,” said Rick. “I’d have to carry fuel, tie the compressor down, and it took up too much space.”

VMAC DTM70 installed

VMAC DTM70 Installed

The DTM70 solved these problems overnight, providing 70 CFM of air in a compact system that’s completely out of sight. Anywhere the F-550 goes, the air compressor is ready to work.

Southern Tire Mart has built a reputation on high quality workmanship and strong customer relationships. It’s their ability to provide world-class service to fleet managers and business owners that has kept Southern Tire Mart in business for the past 45 years, so it only makes sense that Rick has high expectations of his equipment.

“I know there are lower priced products out there, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a VMAC again. You get what you pay for and it’s just the best PTO driven system available,” said Rick. “The DTM is awesome. It always works!”

DTM 70 air compressor banner

How Suez North America Saved $20,000 Going Green & Lightweight

Suez North America is an environmentally friendly water utilities company, providing water and wastewater services as well as recycling and waste recovery services to almost 8 million people in North America. Known for placing sustainable environmental practices at the forefront of its operations, Suez employs innovative strategies to shrink their environmental footprint. The corporate headquarters for Suez’s North American operations are found in Paramus, New Jersey. In Northern New Jersey alone, Suez serves 800,000 people with clean, sustainable water, while preserving the local waterways.
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Meet The VMAC DTM70 Team: Kyle McWilliam, Mechanical Engineer

DTM70-RAM-Install-RenderAt NTEA’s The Work Truck Show 2019, VMAC released the DTM70 Direct-Transmission Mounted PTO Driven Air Compressor for RAM trucks (also available for Ford). The DTM70 earned a lot of attention due to its innovative design that sets it apart from other PTO air compressors. It only weighs 150 lb, saving up to 260 lb when compared to other underdeck PTO air compressors. Continue reading “Meet The VMAC DTM70 Team: Kyle McWilliam, Mechanical Engineer”

SV Seeker: The Boat The Internet Built

Doug-JacksonLike so many others, Doug Jackson grew up watching “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau”, and instantly fell in love with the sea. In school, science and marine biology classes were Doug’s favorites, though he ultimately chose a career as a computer programmer and database administrator. Fast forward to years later; Doug is now back working on his dream of sailing the sea, just as Cousteau did, and SV Seeker is the boat that will take him there.

“I conceived SV Seeker as the red neck version of Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso,” says Doug. “My plan was to build a vessel for scientists who have a passion for their work and the ocean. Money would not stand in our way, and we would build what we need and allow the wind to carry us as it carried explorers before us.” Doug’s vision to allow people to conduct important research, all free of charge, has led to tremendous support for this project, which appeals to a range of people, from oceanographers, archaeologists, and marine biologists to divers and wreck hunters, and adventurers and explorers.

Like Doug, the extended SV Seeker community doesn’t believe resources should stand in the way of the project. People from around the world are sharing the story, sending in donations and supplies, and eager to volunteer. “I expected to build Seeker almost alone, but instead I touched on something that resonated with so many others,” notes Doug. Thanks to the extensive online community, Doug has no problem finding helpers: “We have to schedule volunteers to avoid having more help than we actually need at any given time.”

SV Seeker Attracts Volunteers & Donations From Around The World

SV-SEEKERSV Seeker’s online community includes people from all over North America, and even overseas. Thousands of donations have been made online to help support the project financially, as well as donations of equipment, parts and supplies, while hundreds of volunteers have arrived at the Tulsa, OK worksite to help build the vessel from the ground up. “Our volunteers range from a PHD candidate working on nuclear reactors, to truck drivers, welders, sculptors, actors, cops, carpenters, builders, counselors, fishermen, sailors and almost any other profession,” shares Doug. “Some volunteers bring little more than an adventurous attitude and the willingness to learn, while others bring fabrication skills that have been honed over decades.”

Specialized Equipment Helps SV Seeker Volunteer

The SV Seeker worksite is bustling with activity. Doug keeps fans of the project updated on the progress through his popular YouTube channel, which boasts over 165,000 subscribers. Volunteers find themselves painting, hammering, sandblasting, pouring CNC castings, wiring the electrical, and engineering the mechanics in the engine room. Completing this work, often within a small, enclosed space, requires specialized equipment. One piece of equipment that has helped Doug and the volunteers throughout the build process, is the VMAC Multifunction 6-In-1 Power System.

VMAC Multifunction 6-in-1 Power System

SV Seeker’s VMAC Multifunction 6-in-1 Power System features an air compressor, welder, battery charger, battery booster, generator, and PTO port for hydraulic power—in one complete system. “Before we found the VMAC Multifunction unit, we were sourcing each of these systems separately. It was enough equipment to completely fill the back of a pickup,” says Doug. Small enough to fit on a single pallet, the VMAC Multifunction is significantly more compact than having six separate machines, but it is also up to 6 cubic feet smaller than other leading multi-power brands. It’s lightweight, weighing just 570 lbs, making it up to 400 lbs lighter than other leading all-in-one multi-power systems.

SV-SEEKER-VMAC-Multifunction“The thing I liked most about the VMAC Multifunction is that it provides flexibility,” says Doug. “Most of the time the multi-power system will be bolted to the engine room floor and provide AC and DC power for the boat.” However, Doug predicts the VMAC Multifunction will be used for work that they cannot anticipate. “A researcher may be removing sediment from a wreck requiring an air compressor. We might need to perform repairs on another boat, or even on land. We could use the Multifunction to power submersible hydraulic pumps, welding current, or power for hand tools,” explains Doug. “It’s designed to be mounted in a truck, but at only 570 lbs and with its compact size we can easily move it to where our work requires and have everything we need for a variety of jobs.”

Welders Prefer VMAC Multifunction

VMAC-Multifunction-WeldingDoug has been fortunate to have experienced Fabricators volunteering on the SV Seeker build, and with the VMAC Multifunction, he is able to offer them the equipment they need to do the work. “Two professional welders from HollyFrontier Tulsa Refinery have both been very pleased with the performance of the VMAC Multifunction’s welder. They’ve been so impressed, they prefer to use the VMAC Multifunction to power their welds over our Miller XMT 300 welder.”

Get Back To Work Sooner

When asked what he would say to anyone considering purchasing a VMAC Multifunction 6-in-1 Power System, Doug finds the ability to complete repairs right on the worksite as they’re needed a huge advantage: “I grew up working on a farm and with construction equipment. Inevitably something would break, and in those days, it meant bringing the equipment back to the warehouse shop to use the power tools and welder required for the repairs. It surprises me how often I still see this model for doing business, where a $25,000 pickup truck is towing equipment back to the shop for repairs. Give me an old truck and a VMAC Multifunction Power System and we’ll be back to work a lot sooner.”

November 2019 SV Seeker Update

Volunteers from around the United States and beyond continue to call on Doug and the SV Seeker crew to help work on the vessel. Saturdays are a busy day for visitors, and the crew welcomes those who are interested in learning more and touring the boat.

These days, tasks include installing foam board, insulation, and wooden panels for the ceiling and the walls inside and installing caulking to ensure the boat is airtight. Engine room storage drawers have been put in. The team at SV Seeker has also been painting the boat, and the VMAC Multifunction has been used to provide extra air power when painting.

There’s also been some beautification projects at SV Seeker, with the two dragons being painted. Beyond decoration, the dragons will also serve a useful purpose on the vessel—the left side dragon will have a pearl in its mouth to glow red to identify the port side of the boat, and the dragon on the starboard side will have a pearl that will glow green.


The SV Seeker community has grown a lot over the last 8 years. Doug’s project has inspired a lot of different people to not only volunteer to work on SV Seeker, but to also get creative and work on their own projects. SV Seeker videos end with “What Did You Make Today?” in the credits and do-it-yourselfers send in photos of their own projects to be featured. As one volunteer said: “Not being good at something is no excuse to not give it a try.” And it’s this attitude that has allowed one man to inspire thousands of people and to build a 74-ft motorsailer in the front yard of his Oklahoma home.

Get Involved With SV Seeker

If you’re interested in volunteering, Doug and the SV Seeker crew only have three rules: “#1 Get the job done, #2 Have fun, #3 Be safe. The VMAC Multifunction covers #1 and #2, so be safe.”
To learn more about SV Seeker, visit their website www.svseeker.com. Here you’ll find video updates, crew bios, posts from volunteers, photos, a “junk store” that helps support the project, and different ways to donate to SV Seeker.

Multifunction Banner

City of Livonia Upgrades to UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressors

As the City of Livonia’s Department of Public Works’ Fleet Supervisor, Jim (Buzz) Kirby manages a lot of different equipment to keep operations running smoothly. For Buzz, overseeing the Department of Public Works’ (D.P.W.) equipment includes writing specs and performing evaluations, and overseeing the maintenance and repair of all equipment within the department. In addition, Buzz is responsible for making recommendations for upgrades. After it became apparent that the city’s outdated trailer-mounted air compressors needed an upgrade, Buzz audited the department’s equipment needs, and sought to solve the challenges operators had been describing.
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Introducing VMAC’s New RAM PTO Air Compressor

DTM70-RAM-Install-RenderVMAC recently released its latest PTO driven air compressor, specifically designed for RAM 3500 to 5500 chassis cab Cummins diesel trucks.

This RAM PTO air compressor, called the Direct-Transmission Mounted 70 (DTM70), was previously released for Ford F-250 to F750 Power Stroke Diesel trucks and has proven to be a powerful, compact, and effective means of providing up to 70 CFM of mobile compressed air.
Continue reading “Introducing VMAC’s New RAM PTO Air Compressor”

The 5 Best Benefits of PTO Air Compressors For Service Trucks

It’s easy to love PTO air compressors. They provide air-on-demand at 100% duty cycle and are one of the most sophisticated types of air compressors on the market today. In this article, we breakdown 5 of the best benefits of PTO air compressors.

5. Reduce Weight To Increase Your Truck’s Payload

PTO air compressors are a great way to instantly increase payload. Instead of wasting weight on an above-deck air compressors, PTO air compressors let you maximize your vehicle’s GVW. PTO’s ditch a lot of weight because they don’t require a secondary engine and typically weigh 300 to 400 pounds.

But if you choose the right PTO air compressor, you can reduce that weight even further. Some PTO air compressors are designed with as few components as possible, which can save hundreds of pounds. For example, VMAC’s direct-transmission mounted PTO air compressor—the DTM 70—weighs a mere 150 pounds.

When you choose a lightweight air compressor, you’ll have more payload for tools, equipment and other materials you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

4. Save Your Deck Space For Other Stuff

One of the coolest benefits of PTO air compressors is that they are completely underdeck, tucked away in the undercarriage of your truck. This style of air compressor doesn’t take up a single inch of deck space, and we don’t have to tell you how valuable that deck space is.

VMAC’s DTM70 frees up to 25 cubic feet when compared to other styles of air compressors with a similar CFM output. By choosing a PTO air compressor, you free up more of your deck space for other things. How you use that extra deck space is completely up to you!

3. Reduce Fuel Consumption To Keep Profits In Your Pocket

While not all PTO air compressors include this feature, the best PTO air compressors will automatically idle the truck up and down to match the air demand. This eliminates excessive high idling, gets jobs done faster, and ultimately reduces fuel consumption—which keeps your profits in your own pocket!

To learn more about a system that has this capability, check out the DTM 70.

2. Tie Into Your Existing Fuel & Power Sources

When it comes to a no fuss, no muss air compressor system, it’s hard to beat PTO options. They are just so convenient. PTO air compressors tie into your truck’s existing PTO port on the transmission and thus uses the same fuel as your truck, resulting in a hassle-free solution for air-on-demand.

You don’t need to maintain a separate engine or run out to get extra fuel because the air compressor integrates into the truck’s pre-existing systems. Simply maintain your truck like you always do and you’ll have air available whenever you need it.

1. Easy to Operate & Get To Work

Best of all, PTO air compressors are easy to turn on and operate. PTO air compressor systems use remote controls and can tie into the crane remote, which makes it easy for you to operate the air compressor from a distance. When you need air, just turn the system on and you can instantly get to work!

Read more about PTO air compressors with these articles:

The Big Problem With Online Gas Powered Air Compressor Reviews

SearchResultsIf you’re like a lot of people, you do at least some of your research online. We rely on search engines, such as Google, to show us the best results for our searches and, when we search a term like “best air compressors”, we assume the results are mostly accurate.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There has been a significant and worrisome rise in fake gas powered air compressor reviews, and these fake reviews exist for one simple reason: affiliate sales.

Affiliate programs pay a commission to online salespeople who sell their product. And while the concept is similar to traditional commission structures, there’s one very big difference—anyone can become an affiliate salesperson. There is no interview or qualification process, and online sales people can promote literally any product that catches their fancy, air compressors included.

Review Sites Don’t Share The Best Air Compressors

As a result, affiliate-funded websites aren’t sharing the best air compressors—they’re sharing the best paying air compressors. Every time someone buys an air compressor through one of their links, they get a payout of up to 8%.

This is a big problem. Affiliate sales people limit their reviews to the products available in the affiliate catalogue. As a result, many of the best air compressors will never be considered for these review sites, because they aren’t listed on Amazon or the like. In fact, many quality air compressor manufacturers only sell through authorized dealers and would never list their products for direct sales on an affiliate website.

Who’s Writing These Reviews Anyway?

Let’s look at this from another angle: the people who are the most successful at affiliate linking are marketers, content writers, and SEO experts who know how to drive traffic to their websites. They may know a little bit about air compressors, or they may know nothing at all, because actual product knowledge isn’t a requirement for successful affiliate sales.

It’s highly unlikely that most content marketers earning about $50 to $200 per sale are purchasing and using the air compressors they are reviewing. Instead, it’s common practice in affiliate sales to rehash product descriptions, spec sheets, and other information found online, to try to entice buyers into purchasing any one of the available affiliate products.

Top “Recommended” Air Compressors

We looked at the top 10 sites that appeared in Google for “best gas air compressors” and cross-referenced their recommended products. Without fail, every single one of them was a product from Amazon’s affiliate program.

BrandExample ImageProduct(s)Amazon Affiliate?
Industrial Airindustrial air CTA5090412Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412Yes
Ingersoll-RandIngersoll-Rand air compressorIngersoll-Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB
Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH
ROLAIR/Rol-Airrolair air compressorROLAIR 4090HK17 5.5 HP
Rol-Air Air Compressor GX200
Rol-Air Air Compressor 6590Hk18
Pumapuma air compressorPuma Gas Powered Air Compressor PUK-5508GYes
NorthStarnorthstar air compressorNorthStar Air Compressor – 8 Gallon
NorthStar Portable Gas Air Compressor – 20 Gallon
NorthStar Portable Gas Air Compressor – 30 Gallon
Makitamakita MAC5501GMakita MAC5501G 5.5 HP Gas Air Compressor
Makita MAC2400 Big Bore
DeWaltdewalt air compressorDeWalt DXCMTB5590856 Honda Powered Wheelbarrow Compressor
Dewalt Subaru Wheelbarrow Gas Air Compressor
DEWALT D55154 | 4 Gallon Electric Air Compressor
DeWalt DXCMTA5090412
Hitachihitachi air compressorHitachi EC2510E 8 Gallon Gas Powered Air CompressorYes

All of the gas powered air compressors listed above are part of Amazon’s affiliate sales program. Does that mean they’re bad air compressors? Who knows! …But that’s exactly the problem.

Affiliate programs make it impossible to know whether a suggested product is “the best” or if it’s just being promoted that way because it’s an easy pay cheque. Because of this bias, reviews for affiliate products are useless to the buyer who is trying to find legitimate information.

Why Gas Powered Air Compressors Are Popular Targets

Gas powered air compressors and small portable air compressors have fallen victim to the affiliate game, but we don’t see the same problem with PTO driven, vehicle-integrated or hydraulic air compressors. Why?

It’s because gas powered air compressors can be installed without a professional upfitter and fall into a lower price point. These two factors make it easier to buy and sell gas powered air compressors online, while more sophisticated air compressor systems rely on a true expert to help.

How Affiliate Air Compressor Sales Works

The affiliate sales process is a fairly simple concept that almost anyone can execute. Here are the 5 steps it takes to sell air compressors through an affiliate program.

  • Step 1: An internet savvy salesperson signs up for an affiliate program, such as Amazon’s.
  • Step 2: Once registered, the salesperson searches the database for products they can promote:

  • Step 3: The salesperson then adds a link to their site, writes some info about the product, and creates an article around the products they want to sell. They position these products as “the best” and provide a few different options to hook buyers.
  • Step 4: Buyers find the site and purchase the product through the affiliate link.
  • Step 5: The salesperson earns a commission.

The most challenging part is getting people to their site in the first place. But, as proven by all the affiliate links on the search results page for “gas powered air compressors”, it’s not that hard.

People are willing to create entire websites around the products they are hoping to sell and those websites can be pretty convincing.

Best Gas Air Compressors

How To Find Legitimate Air Compressor Reviews

Now that we’ve established there’s some inaccurate, self-serving information on gas powered air compressors, how do you find trustworthy reviews?

First, you need to know what to protect yourself against. The following are some tell-tale signs of an affiliate product:

  • Button that says, “Buy Now”, “Click For Price”, or similar
  • Links to products on Amazon or eBay
  • Disclosure about affiliate products

Affliate ProductDisclosures add some transparency (and legal protection) but a lot of sites don’t bother with them. For example, none of the top 10 articles analyzed for gas powered air compressors included an affiliate product disclosure.

Next, you need to find reputable sources of air compressor information. Let’s discuss a couple of options for gathering reputable air compressor reviews.

Ask Expert Air Compressor Dealers

The best way to find an honest opinion about air compressors is through local air compressor dealers. Find a couple of experts in your area and then visit them in person to ask about your options and get their feedback.

If a Dealer has got your back, they’ll listen to what you need first and then provide a solution that works for your industry and application.

Ask Your Colleagues & Peers

Peers in the industry you work in are another great source of air compressor information. Ask what they’re using and what they think of it. Just ensure you ask around, as personal opinions can vary greatly.

A few places you can get peer feedback include:

  • In-person / on-the-job
  • Facebook groups
  • Tradeshows & conferences

Most people are perfectly happy to help a fellow expert out and share their genuine opinion with you.

If you’re in the market for a gas drive air compressor, skip the online affiliate reviews and talk to someone who will give you a more objective opinion. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Additional Resources & Articles

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5 Key Benefits of VMAC’s Multifunction Power System

Multifunction Power System

VMAC’s Multifunction power system is one of the best ways to power your job site! Featuring electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and welding power in one tidy package, the Multifunction is an efficient and convenient way to power your equipment.

In this article, we’ll talk about 5 benefits that make VMAC’s Multifunction a smart choice for mobile operators who know how to get things done!
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Lodi Installs PTO Driven Air Compressor With Hydraulics

Lodi VR70 InstallLodi Truck and Equipment is a truck and equipment dealership located in West Sacramento, California. Lodi has been in business for over thirty years, earning a reputation for providing high-quality and customized mechanics trucks. Spencer Hinson is Lodi’s owner and GM, having purchased the business in 2002. Before owning Lodi, Spencer spent 15 years with PACCAR in various management roles including truck production and finance. He was on the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) board of trustees as Distributor Trustee, serving three years from 2006 – 2009, and from 2009-2010 served as Executive Committee Member. With this background and proven reputation, it’s clear that Spencer knows the service truck and equipment industry.
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Underdeck PTO Drive Compressor Saves Weight On Truck

Phil Fanelli is the owner of Hilmar, CA’s Fanelli Equipment Repair, with a fleet of seven trucks. Having been in business for 12 years, owner Phil Fanelli focuses on repairing and servicing all types of CAT equipment. In the article California’s Fanelli Equipment Repair Upgrades To VMAC DTM70-H, Saves 500 lbs On Truck GVW, Phil explains how he was able to move from a Peterbilt truck with a 14-ft service body down to a smaller and more flexible Ford F-550. He was able to achieve this downsize thanks to the VMAC DTM70-H, a direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulic pump. Weighing just 180 lbs, this multi-power system saved Phil 500 lbs of weight on his Ford truck.
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Stahl Peterbilt wins top award with VMAC’s multi-power system


Randy Kerry – Service Operations Manager at Stahl Peterbilt in Northern Alberta

Randy Kerr is the Service Operations Manager at Stahl Peterbilt in Northern Alberta, with locations in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Grande Prairie. As such, he manages all service departments, including the body shop, pre-delivery inspection, service dealerships, and mobile truck servicing. He is responsible for maintaining his fleet of service trucks, ordering and upgrading equipment and vehicles, and managing all service personnel.
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VMAC G30 Customer Profile: Daniel Hysan, Sodel Diesel LLC

Daniel Hysan runs his own service company, Sodel Diesel LLC in Laurel, Delaware. As the President and sole employee, he works on a variety of jobs servicing large trucks, diesel equipment and engines. He owns two different vehicles, a Ford Transit service van, and a Ford Super Duty mechanic’s truck.

When he first started his business, Daniel was using reciprocating air compressors in his service vehicles: “I used to struggle every single time having to use a reciprocating compressor. I always had to wait for air to build, and I had to have a separate battery to start the unit; the list of challenges goes on and on.”

When enough was finally enough, Daniel started researching a better option. It was through his online research that he found VMAC’s website and reviewed a couple of options, an UNDERHOOD™ air compressor (Truck Series) and the VMAC G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor. He ultimately decided to go with the G30 because he will be able to easily move the compressor to his next service truck when he replaces his vehicle.

VMAC G30, Powered By Honda

VMAC Gas Driven Air CompressorThe VMAC G30 is a rotary screw gas engine driven air compressor, which produces up to 30 CFM at 100% duty cycle, guaranteeing full air power, every time. “After watching several online videos of the G30 I found it was exactly what I needed to never have to struggle with air issues again,” says Daniel. Watch the VMAC G30 demo video.

Furthermore, this air compressor is 50% lighter and 50% smaller than comparable air compressors, does not require a bulky air receiver tank for it to produce full air power, and includes the battery. This lightweight and compact air compressor allows more space in the truck to store tools and equipment. This air compressor is popular with light and medium duty mobile mechanics, like Daniel, as well as mobile tire service technicians and light duty contractors.

VMAC G30 Solves Daniel Hysan’s Air Challenges

After his research Daniel was confident in his decision to purchase the G30, but like with any large purchase, he still had some concerns. “Of course, I was a little skeptical because of the purchase amount. But so far, I have had zero issues and no worries. The rep for my area, Brian Buckley, was very helpful when I was considering the G30, and he remains very helpful in answering any questions I have.”

So far, the change to the VMAC G30 has brought major improvements to Daniel’s workflow. “I can cut my labor time down by several hours at the end of each week. I can remove lug nuts from a truck faster than any air compressor I’ve ever used. I hardly burn any fuel when using the compressor because the run time is cut so short having the high output of air needed to get jobs done fast.”

The VMAC G30 has turned Daniel into an unofficial ambassador for VMAC air compressors in the Laurel, Delaware area. When he finds people who are not familiar with the VMAC G30 when they see it on his truck, and he takes this as an opportunity to spread the word. Daniel is always happy to run an on-the-fly demo for anyone who is interested in seeing the G30 air compressor in action. “It blows everybody’s mind when I start it and within seconds I have full air supply to run my tools. It’s a great feeling seeing how shocked they are after they see it perform—they think it’s too good to be true until they see it for themselves!”

G30 gas air compressor banner

Sodel Diesel Saves Time and Money with the VMAC G30

Daniel-Hysan-VMAC-G30Daniel’s testimonial of the VMAC G30 is one you can trust—as owner and operator of Sodel Diesel, Daniel understands how equipment can make or break his company’s bottom line. “Long story short, not using a VMAC compressor made everything I did take so much longer, which directly affects making money.”

The change from a reciprocating gas driven air compressor to the rotary screw VMAC G30 has resulted in such an improvement in profitability, Daniel is eager to include another VMAC air compressor in his upcoming service van upgrade. “I am in the process of upgrading my service van and it will get an engine driven unit, the UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor, for sure from VMAC. The G30 is so well built though, I don’t think I’ll have much opportunity to buy another one because I don’t think you can break this thing!”

For owner/operators like Daniel, who are looking to get jobs done faster and without interruption, the VMAC G30 is the best choice. And as for what he would say to anyone considering a VMAC air compressor, the answer is simple: “Stop thinking about it and just do it!”

Are you ready to upgrade your gas drive air compressor to the VMAC G30?

You can also visit the VMAC G30 product page to see more details, including specs, components, demo videos and more.

Fanelli Equipment Repair Upgrades to VMAC DTM70-H

Located in Hilmar, CA is Fanelli Equipment Repair. Owned by Phil Fanelli, this company has been operating in the Central Valley area for over 12 years, repairing and servicing all types of Caterpillar equipment, including landfill, recycling, and compost equipment for waste management companies, as well as servicing equipment used in the dairy industry.

Phil Fanelli has successfully grown his equipment repair business to include seven service trucks, each which puts on thousands of operating hours and up to 50,000 miles every year. “I work my trucks hard, and so I rotate through them every five years, to ensure there’s no downtime,” says Fanelli. “Because of this, I expect any piece of equipment to last me five years as well.”

Up until recently, Phil’s service truck was equipped with a reciprocating air compressor. This reciprocating air compressor resulted in a lot of challenges, the first and foremost being weight. The compressor was terribly heavy on his truck, which at the time was a Peterbilt with a 14-foot service body. Phil also found himself waiting for compressed air to be produced, resulting in downtime as his compressor tried to catch up to him. This slowed down his work.

When it was time to bring in a new service truck to the fleet, Phil seized the opportunity to “right-size” his truck. Because he’s often travelling to visit his technicians on different job sites, he chose to downsize to a Ford F550 truck. He also needed to address the weight and air supply concerns associated with reciprocating compressors. For this truck build and upfit, he went straight to Spencer Hinson, owner and GM of Lodi Truck and Equipment, located in West Sacramento.

“I’ve been getting Spencer at Lodi to build my trucks for over 10 years now, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” says Phil. “I go in, tell him what I want, and he keeps me involved in every step of the build.”

At first, Phil was interested in an UNDERHOOD™ 70 air compressor, which fits neatly in the engine compartment of the truck, supplies up to 70 CFM of air continuously, and weighs just 150 lbs, saving up to 260 lbs. But when it was time to start the truck build, Spencer recommended a different product: the newly released VMAC DTM70-H, a direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulic pump. The DTM70-H is the best choice for customers like Phil who are concerned with saving weight on their service truck, and who also need compressed air and hydraulic power at the same time.

“Spencer knows I’m really concerned about weight. It seems like I’m always overloaded, and he thought this set up would be the best fit,” explains Fanelli. And the weight savings were significant: “The VMAC DTM70-H saved 500 lbs, which is a big deal when you’re trying to set up an F550. With these weight savings, it was the only way to go. We were looking at aluminum doors and aluminum fuel tanks, but to save 500 lbs with one change tFinelli-VMACo the DTM70-H was a no-brainer.”

The VMAC DTM70-H weighs only 180 lbs, which frees up hundreds of pounds of weight, and allows customers like Phil to downsize their trucks, and at the same time load the truck up with more supplies. “I added more tools, a drawer set, tool boxes, and an oil tank, thanks to the weight savings,” says Fanelli.

It’s been several months since Phil picked up his new F550 truck from Lodi, and he’s been using the DTM70-H to power his air tools and crane simultaneously. Spencer’s expertise and recommendation was key in this new truck build and was exactly what Phil needed. “When I got the truck, it was show room quality, detailed, everything worked. It was exactly the way I wanted it.” And as for the DTM70-H? “It’s lightweight, which is what I needed, but it also produces the air I need, when I need it. It’s bulletproof.”

Subscribe to the VMAC blog to continue reading about Fanelli Equipment Repair’s experience with the VMAC DTM70-H, and to learn more about Lodi Truck & Equipment, located in West Sacramento, CA.

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Cullen Diesel Chooses UNDERHOOD™ 40 Air Compressor: Improves Efficiency & Morale

This is the third and final blog in VMAC’s three-part series featuring Cullen Diesel, the Detroit Diesel and MTU distributor for BC. Cullen Diesel mechanics are factory trained and certified in Detroit Diesel and Mercedes engines, and frequently work in challenging and remote locations in the logging, marine, mining, and industrial sectors.

Dennis Miskow Cullen Diesel

Dennis Miskow, Branch Manager of Cullen Diesel’s Vancouver Island, BC operations

Dennis Miskow is the Branch Manager of Cullen Diesel’s Vancouver Island, BC operations. In Part 1 of the Van Series Air Compressor blog, he discussed his decision to choose a Mercedes 4×4 Sprinter van. In Part 2 of the Van Series blog, he explains why he chose an UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor instead of a standalone gas drive air compressor for the van. In Part 3, Dennis shares what a typical service job looks like for Cullen Diesel, and how the UNDERHOOD™ 40 is improving morale and helping his mechanics work more efficiently.

Cullen Diesel Service Jobs

Cullen Diesel’s team of heavy-duty mechanics have experience in servicing and repairing mining products, logging and marine equipment, generators, construction and industrial equipment, as well as trucks and buses with Detroit Diesel, Mercedes and Allison transmissions. A typical service job sees mechanics travelling up to logging camps, down to docks for marine repairs, and other remote locations. As Dennis mentioned in Part 1 of the blog series, this is where the Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter van really shines: “On its first service call it drove easily up the logging roads to the job site, right behind the trucks.”

UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Air Compressor: “It’s Been Exactly As Advertised.”

As discussed in Part 2 of the blog series, the Sprinter van is upfitted with an UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor. “Investing in the right tools for the job is part of the professionalism that Cullen Diesel is known for,” notes Dennis. “The Sprinter van provides a modern look for our service vehicle and having an UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressor tucked away is part of that clean, professional look we’re striving for.” Investing in the best quality air compressor is also important for his mechanics’ day-to-day work. Dennis explains: “Having an UNDERHOOD™ air compressor allows my team to work more efficiently, but it also improves morale. My technicians appreciate having high-quality equipment that always works, instead of struggling with a frustrating piece of equipment that doesn’t perform.”

And it’s not just the improved look and morale that has Dennis praising VMAC’s air compressor. “The UNDERHOOD™ Van Series is cleaner, quieter, and quicker than our previous gas powered standalone air compressor,” says Dennis. “Operation of the compressor is convenient and easy-to-use. You just push a button and it’s working and producing full air power.”

It’s now been three years since Cullen Diesel first got their 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van equipped with the UNDERHOOD™ Van Series Compressor, and so far, “it’s done exactly what we want it to do,” confirms Dennis. “The air power is there and there’s been no issues and no downtime. It’s been exactly as advertised.”

And when asked for his advice to anyone who is thinking of upgrading to a UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressor, Dennis’ answer is confident and succinct: “Do it!”

Subscribe to the VMAC Blog to continue reading customer job stories like this Cullen Diesel story with Dennis Miskow.

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Cullen Diesel Chooses Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter Van Over Service Truck

Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing a three-part blog series centered around Cullen Diesel, the Detroit Diesel and MTU distributor for BC. Cullen Diesel mechanics are factory trained and certified in Detroit Diesel and Mercedes engines, with experience in working with all types of diesel engines, including those in the marine, mining, construction and industrial sectors.

Dennis Miskow Cullen Diesel

Dennis Miskow, Branch Manager of Cullen Diesel’s Vancouver Island, BC operations

Dennis Miskow is the Branch Manager of Cullen Diesel’s Vancouver Island, BC operations. Dennis’ career with Cullen started over 20 years ago, when he was first hired as an apprentice heavy-duty mechanic. Dennis sat down with VMAC to discuss Cullen’s fleet, and his decision to add a commercial van to his fleet.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Business: Commercial Van or Service Truck?

When it was time to add a new service vehicle to his fleet of 7 to replace an aging truck, Dennis went straight to his truck builder. “I spec’d out a truck with a crane and was ready to place the order. It was going to cost about $150k, so I decided to compare it to the cost of a commercial van. The van ended up being half the price.” Because of the significant savings, Dennis decided to explore commercial van options. “We chose the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter over the other vans because the Sprinter comes in a 4×4 option, which is necessary when we’re travelling to jobs in remote locations,” says Dennis.

Service Van Benefits

Cullen Service VanThough the additional draw to the service van option was cost, Dennis was aware of other benefits that come with having a van instead of a truck. “The van is a smaller vehicle, which makes it easier to drive and maneuver. We do service jobs right at the docks, so the van is the best option for driving to these marine applications,” notes Dennis. The Cullen Diesel Branch Manager also appreciates the extra level of protection from theft and the elements the enclosed space of the van offers: “Tools and equipment are kept safe inside the van from theft, but also from rain, sleet, ice, and snow. My team also appreciates the enclosed area to store and organize their tools instead of standing around the outside of the truck in all types of weather.” In addition to the cost, size and maneuverability, and enclosed protection from theft and the weather, the van acts as a moving billboard for Cullen as there’s much more advertising space on the van’s body.

Proven in Challenging Applications

UNDERHOOD for vansHaving never had a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or any type of service van on his fleet before, Dennis did have some concerns about how it would hold up in challenging applications. Cullen Diesel services a lot of equipment found in remote areas, often requiring their vehicles to travel in mountainous areas up logging roads. “I wasn’t sure how the van would be able to make it up the logging roads, even though the Sprinter is a 4×4. But on its first service it drove easily up to the job site, right behind the trucks. Even our logging customers were impressed!” shares Dennis. Another concern was how long the Sprinter van would hold up in these challenging, dirty and demanding applications. “You see a lot of vans used as delivery vehicles, driving on the roads, but we weren’t sure how it would hold up after continuously being tested on trails and logging roads,” says Dennis. But fast forward to years later, and Dennis confirms he no longer has any worries: “It’s been three years and we haven’t had any problems with the van.”

Overall, the decision to add a commercial van to the Cullen Diesel fleet has had a positive impact on Dennis’ operations. “We’re looking to add another vehicle to the fleet and I want to get another van,” says Dennis.

Subscribe to the VMAC Blog to continue reading about Cullen Diesel’s experience with a service van, and the specialized equipment that it comes with. In part two of this series, which will be released next, Dennis will give insight into his decision to choose an UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor instead of a standalone gas drive air compressor for his Sprinter.

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Kal Tire Tests VMAC’s Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor Powered by Honda

G30 Gas Driven Air CompressorG30 Gas Driven Air Compressor MountedFounded in 1953, Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and tire services provider with over 250 stores. It is also a global leader in mining tire services with 150 international mine sites. The company’s success can be attributed to several guiding principles, which Kal Tire refers to as The Aims. By fulfilling The Aims, each of Kal Tire’s 5,600 employees is personally contributing to the overall success and safety of each customer, guest, and team member.

As the Assistant Manager of one of Kal Tire’s British Columbia stores, Chris Binks oversees the success of the store’s operations, which includes fulfilling the Kal Tire Aims, and empowering his team members to do the same. Two important Kal Tire Aims include “earning the trust of our customers by providing them with a level of quality and value of both service and products that exceeds their expectations…” and “build long-term relationships with our suppliers based on competitiveness, value, and mutual respect of objectives.” This is where Kal Tire’s supplier of air compressors, VMAC, comes in.

VMAC is the leader in compressed air innovation®, designing and manufacturing the most innovative mobile air compressors and multi-power systems available. Kal Tire’s service trucks are predominantly outfitted with UNDERHOOD™ air compressors, but they also have a VMAC Gas Driven Air Compressor on one of their service trucks. This rotary screw air compressor delivers 30 CFM at 100% duty cycle, and does not require a bulky air receiver tank to be added to the service truck. Chris knows that his technicians appreciate the convenience of having full air power on demand, minimizing downtime, and customers appreciate how quickly jobs can be completed. The Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor (G30) is also 50% lighter and smaller than the average 22-30 CFM gas drive air compressor with a 30-gallon air receiver tank. The compact and lightweight compressor means big benefits for Chris’ fleet with more available space in the back of the service truck.

G30 gas air compressor banner

For Chris, the main benefits to the VMAC Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor are the improvements to his team’s workflow. “There’s zero lag on air tools under high demand,” notes Chris, who says jobs are finished faster than ever before. Chris also appreciates the “excellent technical support” that VMAC provides to their dealer network and users, to ensure operators can get the tech support they need while on the clock.

G30 Gas Driven Air CompressorThe benefits associated with the VMAC Gas Driven Air Compressor have alleviated common pain points that many operators suffer from, including time wasted waiting for air and equipment downtime, but for Chris at Kal Tire, it’s hard to remember a time before using VMAC air compressors to complete their tire services. “We’ve been using VMAC for so long that old issues have been forgotten,” says Chris, who appreciates knowing his team can rely on their VMAC G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor to get the job done and fulfil The Aims of quality service and exceeding customers’ expectations.

This story was originally published in Heavy Equipment Guide’s January 2018 issue.

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Cullen Diesel Chooses An UNDERHOOD™ Van Series Air Compressor

Welcome to the second installment of VMAC’s three-part blog series centered around Cullen Diesel, the Detroit Diesel and MTU distributor for BC. Cullen Diesel mechanics are factory trained and certified in Detroit Diesel and Mercedes engines, and often work in challenging and remote locations in the logging, marine, mining, and industrial sectors.

Dennis Miskow

Dennis Miskow, Branch Manager of Cullen Diesel’s Vancouver Island, BC

Dennis Miskow, Branch Manager of Cullen Diesel’s Vancouver Island, BC operations took some time to speak with VMAC about Cullen’s fleet, and his decision to choose a Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter in Part 1 of the Van Series Air Compressor blog. In Part 2 of the series, Dennis explains why he chose an UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor instead of a gas drive air compressor, what he likes about the UNDERHOOD™, and his advice to anyone considering an UNDERHOOD™ for their commercial van upfit.

Selecting A Van Air Compressor: UNDERHOOD™ or Gas Drive?

When it was time to upgrade an aging service truck, Dennis Miskow ended up choosing a Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter van. Next, he planned the upfit with Sterling Fleet Outfitters, a commercial van and truck equipment upfit company. Dennis was pleased to find this upfitter was very experienced in cargo van upfits and had plenty of options specifically designed for Cullen’s Sprinter van. When it came time to choose the air compressor, Dennis took the time to reflect on the performance of Cullen Diesel’s current gas drive air compressor.

“We knew that the gas drive had lots of problems. It was bulky, it was space-sucking, it was dirty, and we had to fix it constantly,” explains Dennis. “We were so used to it, we just accepted that it was a high-maintenance piece of equipment that we had to deal with.”

Unfortunately, these problems are not uncommon for many mobile mechanics. However, with the surge in popularity of commercial vans comes an increase in the development of specialized equipment, like the UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor, the only air compressor that has been specifically engineered for commercial vans. The placement within the engine compartment saves space in the cargo area and solves common safety issues, like toxic fume exposure and risk of gas fires, faced by many operators with standalone gas air compressors installed in the cargo area. With the UNDERHOOD™ 40, the only space required in the cargo area is 1.7 cubic feet for a combined air/oil cooler and air/oil separator tank.

“My mechanic specifically asked for an UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressor for the van,” said Dennis. “Because we’d been experiencing problems with our older gas drive air compressor, I was happy to get him what he was asking for.”

Dennis worked with VMAC National Sales Representative Darren Darnley to get the Cullen Diesel Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter van upfitted with the UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series. “Darren was great to work with. He was the point-person, and he gave the same high level of service we would give to our customers,” notes Dennis.

UNDERHOOD for vansLike with any investment in new equipment, Dennis did have some concerns, mainly about cost. “The Van Series Air Compressor is more expensive than a gas drive air compressor, and I also wondered if the UNDERHOOD™ was too much power for our applications, as it’s rated for up to 40 CFM.” However, once the UNDERHOOD™ was installed on the van and his mechanics were using it, he had no more doubts.

UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor Benefits

After having the UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor for three years, it’s easy for Dennis to list his top three benefits of this air compressor:

  • Space Savings
    • “Having the air compressor under the hood saves space inside the van, and gives it a clean, open look. There’s less clutter inside.”
  • Quieter Operation
    • “We don’t have a noisy air compressor on a truck right at ear level anymore.”
  • Professionalism
    • “Having the van’s equipment and tools organized gives it a clean, professional look. Having the VMAC air compressor tucked away under the hood is part of the professional look we’re going for, and it feels like one less thing to worry about.”

As Dennis mentioned in Part 1 of the blog series, adding another commercial van to the Cullen Diesel fleet is in the plan. “I want to get another van, and when we do, it absolutely will have another UNDERHOOD™ 40 Air Compressor on it,” says Dennis.

Subscribe to the VMAC Blog to continue reading about Cullen Diesel’s experience with a service van, and the specialized equipment it comes with. In part three of the series, which will be released next, Dennis will share what a typical service job with Cullen Diesel entails, and how the UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor is enabling his mechanics to work more efficiently. You can also go back to read part 1 of the series: Cullen Diesel Chooses Mercedes-Benz 4X4 Sprinter Van Over Service Truck.


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