The Big Problem With Online Gas Powered Air Compressor Reviews

SearchResultsIf you’re like a lot of people, you do at least some of your research online. We rely on search engines, such as Google, to show us the best results for our searches and, when we search a term like “best air compressors”, we assume the results are mostly accurate.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There has been a significant and worrisome rise in fake gas powered air compressor reviews, and these fake reviews exist for one simple reason: affiliate sales.

Affiliate programs pay a commission to online salespeople who sell their product. And while the concept is similar to traditional commission structures, there’s one very big difference—anyone can become an affiliate salesperson. There is no interview or qualification process, and online sales people can promote literally any product that catches their fancy, air compressors included.

Review Sites Don’t Share The Best Air Compressors

As a result, affiliate-funded websites aren’t sharing the best air compressors—they’re sharing the best paying air compressors. Every time someone buys an air compressor through one of their links, they get a payout of up to 8%.

This is a big problem. Affiliate sales people limit their reviews to the products available in the affiliate catalogue. As a result, many of the best air compressors will never be considered for these review sites, because they aren’t listed on Amazon or the like. In fact, many quality air compressor manufacturers only sell through authorized dealers and would never list their products for direct sales on an affiliate website.

Who’s Writing These Reviews Anyway?

Let’s look at this from another angle: the people who are the most successful at affiliate linking are marketers, content writers, and SEO experts who know how to drive traffic to their websites. They may know a little bit about air compressors, or they may know nothing at all, because actual product knowledge isn’t a requirement for successful affiliate sales.

It’s highly unlikely that most content marketers earning about $50 to $200 per sale are purchasing and using the air compressors they are reviewing. Instead, it’s common practice in affiliate sales to rehash product descriptions, spec sheets, and other information found online, to try to entice buyers into purchasing any one of the available affiliate products.

Top “Recommended” Air Compressors

We looked at the top 10 sites that appeared in Google for “best gas air compressors” and cross-referenced their recommended products. Without fail, every single one of them was a product from Amazon’s affiliate program.

BrandExample ImageProduct(s)Amazon Affiliate?
Industrial Airindustrial air CTA5090412Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412Yes
Ingersoll-RandIngersoll-Rand air compressorIngersoll-Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB
Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH
ROLAIR/Rol-Airrolair air compressorROLAIR 4090HK17 5.5 HP
Rol-Air Air Compressor GX200
Rol-Air Air Compressor 6590Hk18
Pumapuma air compressorPuma Gas Powered Air Compressor PUK-5508GYes
NorthStarnorthstar air compressorNorthStar Air Compressor – 8 Gallon
NorthStar Portable Gas Air Compressor – 20 Gallon
NorthStar Portable Gas Air Compressor – 30 Gallon
Makitamakita MAC5501GMakita MAC5501G 5.5 HP Gas Air Compressor
Makita MAC2400 Big Bore
DeWaltdewalt air compressorDeWalt DXCMTB5590856 Honda Powered Wheelbarrow Compressor
Dewalt Subaru Wheelbarrow Gas Air Compressor
DEWALT D55154 | 4 Gallon Electric Air Compressor
DeWalt DXCMTA5090412
Hitachihitachi air compressorHitachi EC2510E 8 Gallon Gas Powered Air CompressorYes

All of the gas powered air compressors listed above are part of Amazon’s affiliate sales program. Does that mean they’re bad air compressors? Who knows! …But that’s exactly the problem.

Affiliate programs make it impossible to know whether a suggested product is “the best” or if it’s just being promoted that way because it’s an easy pay cheque. Because of this bias, reviews for affiliate products are useless to the buyer who is trying to find legitimate information.

Why Gas Powered Air Compressors Are Popular Targets

Gas powered air compressors and small portable air compressors have fallen victim to the affiliate game, but we don’t see the same problem with PTO driven, vehicle-integrated or hydraulic air compressors. Why?

It’s because gas powered air compressors can be installed without a professional upfitter and fall into a lower price point. These two factors make it easier to buy and sell gas powered air compressors online, while more sophisticated air compressor systems rely on a true expert to help.

How Affiliate Air Compressor Sales Works

The affiliate sales process is a fairly simple concept that almost anyone can execute. Here are the 5 steps it takes to sell air compressors through an affiliate program.

  • Step 1: An internet savvy salesperson signs up for an affiliate program, such as Amazon’s.
  • Step 2: Once registered, the salesperson searches the database for products they can promote:

  • Step 3: The salesperson then adds a link to their site, writes some info about the product, and creates an article around the products they want to sell. They position these products as “the best” and provide a few different options to hook buyers.
  • Step 4: Buyers find the site and purchase the product through the affiliate link.
  • Step 5: The salesperson earns a commission.

The most challenging part is getting people to their site in the first place. But, as proven by all the affiliate links on the search results page for “gas powered air compressors”, it’s not that hard.

People are willing to create entire websites around the products they are hoping to sell and those websites can be pretty convincing.

Best Gas Air Compressors

How To Find Legitimate Air Compressor Reviews

Now that we’ve established there’s some inaccurate, self-serving information on gas powered air compressors, how do you find trustworthy reviews?

First, you need to know what to protect yourself against. The following are some tell-tale signs of an affiliate product:

  • Button that says, “Buy Now”, “Click For Price”, or similar
  • Links to products on Amazon or eBay
  • Disclosure about affiliate products

Affliate ProductDisclosures add some transparency (and legal protection) but a lot of sites don’t bother with them. For example, none of the top 10 articles analyzed for gas powered air compressors included an affiliate product disclosure.

Next, you need to find reputable sources of air compressor information. Let’s discuss a couple of options for gathering reputable air compressor reviews.

Ask Expert Air Compressor Dealers

The best way to find an honest opinion about air compressors is through local air compressor dealers. Find a couple of experts in your area and then visit them in person to ask about your options and get their feedback.

If a Dealer has got your back, they’ll listen to what you need first and then provide a solution that works for your industry and application.

Ask Your Colleagues & Peers

Peers in the industry you work in are another great source of air compressor information. Ask what they’re using and what they think of it. Just ensure you ask around, as personal opinions can vary greatly.

A few places you can get peer feedback include:

  • In-person / on-the-job
  • Facebook groups
  • Tradeshows & conferences

Most people are perfectly happy to help a fellow expert out and share their genuine opinion with you.

If you’re in the market for a gas drive air compressor, skip the online affiliate reviews and talk to someone who will give you a more objective opinion. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Additional Resources & Articles

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VMAC G30 Customer Profile: Daniel Hysan, Sodel Diesel LLC

Daniel Hysan runs his own service company, Sodel Diesel LLC in Laurel, Delaware. As the President and sole employee, he works on a variety of jobs servicing large trucks, diesel equipment and engines. He owns two different vehicles, a Ford Transit service van, and a Ford Super Duty mechanic’s truck.

When he first started his business, Daniel was using reciprocating air compressors in his service vehicles: “I used to struggle every single time having to use a reciprocating compressor. I always had to wait for air to build, and I had to have a separate battery to start the unit; the list of challenges goes on and on.”

When enough was finally enough, Daniel started researching a better option. It was through his online research that he found VMAC’s website and reviewed a couple of options, an UNDERHOOD™ air compressor (Truck Series) and the VMAC G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor. He ultimately decided to go with the G30 because he will be able to easily move the compressor to his next service truck when he replaces his vehicle.

VMAC G30, Powered By Honda

VMAC Gas Driven Air CompressorThe VMAC G30 is a rotary screw gas engine driven air compressor, which produces up to 30 CFM at 100% duty cycle, guaranteeing full air power, every time. “After watching several online videos of the G30 I found it was exactly what I needed to never have to struggle with air issues again,” says Daniel. Watch the VMAC G30 demo video.

Furthermore, this air compressor is 50% lighter and 50% smaller than comparable air compressors, does not require a bulky air receiver tank for it to produce full air power, and includes the battery. This lightweight and compact air compressor allows more space in the truck to store tools and equipment. This air compressor is popular with light and medium duty mobile mechanics, like Daniel, as well as mobile tire service technicians and light duty contractors.

VMAC G30 Solves Daniel Hysan’s Air Challenges

After his research Daniel was confident in his decision to purchase the G30, but like with any large purchase, he still had some concerns. “Of course, I was a little skeptical because of the purchase amount. But so far, I have had zero issues and no worries. The rep for my area, Brian Buckley, was very helpful when I was considering the G30, and he remains very helpful in answering any questions I have.”

So far, the change to the VMAC G30 has brought major improvements to Daniel’s workflow. “I can cut my labor time down by several hours at the end of each week. I can remove lug nuts from a truck faster than any air compressor I’ve ever used. I hardly burn any fuel when using the compressor because the run time is cut so short having the high output of air needed to get jobs done fast.”

The VMAC G30 has turned Daniel into an unofficial ambassador for VMAC air compressors in the Laurel, Delaware area. When he finds people who are not familiar with the VMAC G30 when they see it on his truck, and he takes this as an opportunity to spread the word. Daniel is always happy to run an on-the-fly demo for anyone who is interested in seeing the G30 air compressor in action. “It blows everybody’s mind when I start it and within seconds I have full air supply to run my tools. It’s a great feeling seeing how shocked they are after they see it perform—they think it’s too good to be true until they see it for themselves!”

G30 gas air compressor banner

Sodel Diesel Saves Time and Money with the VMAC G30

Daniel-Hysan-VMAC-G30Daniel’s testimonial of the VMAC G30 is one you can trust—as owner and operator of Sodel Diesel, Daniel understands how equipment can make or break his company’s bottom line. “Long story short, not using a VMAC compressor made everything I did take so much longer, which directly affects making money.”

The change from a reciprocating gas driven air compressor to the rotary screw VMAC G30 has resulted in such an improvement in profitability, Daniel is eager to include another VMAC air compressor in his upcoming service van upgrade. “I am in the process of upgrading my service van and it will get an engine driven unit, the UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor, for sure from VMAC. The G30 is so well built though, I don’t think I’ll have much opportunity to buy another one because I don’t think you can break this thing!”

For owner/operators like Daniel, who are looking to get jobs done faster and without interruption, the VMAC G30 is the best choice. And as for what he would say to anyone considering a VMAC air compressor, the answer is simple: “Stop thinking about it and just do it!”

Are you ready to upgrade your gas drive air compressor to the VMAC G30?

You can also visit the VMAC G30 product page to see more details, including specs, components, demo videos and more.

Kal Tire Tests VMAC’s Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor Powered by Honda

G30 Gas Driven Air CompressorG30 Gas Driven Air Compressor MountedFounded in 1953, Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and tire services provider with over 250 stores. It is also a global leader in mining tire services with 150 international mine sites. The company’s success can be attributed to several guiding principles, which Kal Tire refers to as The Aims. By fulfilling The Aims, each of Kal Tire’s 5,600 employees is personally contributing to the overall success and safety of each customer, guest, and team member.

As the Assistant Manager of one of Kal Tire’s British Columbia stores, Chris Binks oversees the success of the store’s operations, which includes fulfilling the Kal Tire Aims, and empowering his team members to do the same. Two important Kal Tire Aims include “earning the trust of our customers by providing them with a level of quality and value of both service and products that exceeds their expectations…” and “build long-term relationships with our suppliers based on competitiveness, value, and mutual respect of objectives.” This is where Kal Tire’s supplier of air compressors, VMAC, comes in.

VMAC is the leader in compressed air innovation®, designing and manufacturing the most innovative mobile air compressors and multi-power systems available. Kal Tire’s service trucks are predominantly outfitted with UNDERHOOD™ air compressors, but they also have a VMAC Gas Driven Air Compressor on one of their service trucks. This rotary screw air compressor delivers 30 CFM at 100% duty cycle, and does not require a bulky air receiver tank to be added to the service truck. Chris knows that his technicians appreciate the convenience of having full air power on demand, minimizing downtime, and customers appreciate how quickly jobs can be completed. The Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor (G30) is also 50% lighter and smaller than the average 22-30 CFM gas drive air compressor with a 30-gallon air receiver tank. The compact and lightweight compressor means big benefits for Chris’ fleet with more available space in the back of the service truck.

G30 gas air compressor banner

For Chris, the main benefits to the VMAC Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor are the improvements to his team’s workflow. “There’s zero lag on air tools under high demand,” notes Chris, who says jobs are finished faster than ever before. Chris also appreciates the “excellent technical support” that VMAC provides to their dealer network and users, to ensure operators can get the tech support they need while on the clock.

G30 Gas Driven Air CompressorThe benefits associated with the VMAC Gas Driven Air Compressor have alleviated common pain points that many operators suffer from, including time wasted waiting for air and equipment downtime, but for Chris at Kal Tire, it’s hard to remember a time before using VMAC air compressors to complete their tire services. “We’ve been using VMAC for so long that old issues have been forgotten,” says Chris, who appreciates knowing his team can rely on their VMAC G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor to get the job done and fulfil The Aims of quality service and exceeding customers’ expectations.

This story was originally published in Heavy Equipment Guide’s January 2018 issue.

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VMAC’s New G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor, Now Powered by Honda

G30 Gas Driven Air CompressorAfter months of development and testing, VMAC has released the new G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor, now powered by Honda. Popular with mobile mechanics, tire service technicians, and light-duty contractors, the G30 is the best choice for operators using air tools for light duty applications. And with the change from the Subaru EX40 engine to the Honda GX390 engine, comes several key improvements:

  • 23% quieter at high idle, and 75% quieter at low idle
    • Operators will appreciate the reduction in noise, especially when working in residential areas
  • 15% better fuel economy—the G30 can run longer on a single tank of gas
    • Save on gas costs, and enjoy more productivity with fewer interruptions to refuel
  • Improved operational performance at hot temperatures and high elevations
    • The G30 will perform even in tough conditions

New Honda Gas Engine, Same VMAC Power

Despite the notable change in the engine, from the Subaru EX40 to the Honda GX390, VMAC’s G30 is still the most affordable gas driven rotary screw air compressor available, providing lightweight, compact, and powerful performance for mobile work truck applications:

  • 50% lighter*—weighing only 205 lbsG30 Gas Driven Air CompressorG30 Gas Driven Air Compressor Mounted
    • The Environmental Protection Agency has calculated that for every 100 lbs of weight reduction, a vehicle’s fuel economy can increase by up to 2%. This means that the G30 can save you up to 4% in fuel.
  • 50% more powerful*—30 CFM, 100% of the time
    • Typical gas driven reciprocating air compressors produce approximately 20 CFM and can only operate at 50% duty cycle, which is why they require large air receiver tanks. The G30 can operate at 100% duty cycle, which means you won’t have to wait for air to build, and can work without interruption.
  • 50% smaller*—measuring just 34” (l) x 21.5” (w) x 24” (h)
    • The compact size of the G30 frees up to 15 cubic feet on the truck body. It can even fit on the side pack of a single rear wheel service body. This leaves more room in the back of the truck for supplies, tools, and equipment. Visibility is improved as well, because the short height of the G30 means that it won’t obstruct the view in the rear window.

*Compared to competing 22 to 30 CFM reciprocating gas engine driven air compressors, with 30-gallon air receiver tank.


VMAC G30 owners will appreciate the industry’s first limited lifetime warranty on the G30’s compressor air-end. In addition, Honda offers a 3-year limited warranty on the engine. Learn more about VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty (Limited) here.

G30 gas air compressor banner

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VMAC G30 Solves Common Air Compressor Challenges

To celebrate the recent launch of the VMAC G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor, now powered by Honda, VMAC ran a G30 Giveaway Contest. (Watch the video on our Facebook page!) In this contest we asked entrants to answer three simple questions. One of these questions asked fleet managers and operators what their top challenges with their current truck-mounted air compressors are. Here are the results:

Common Air Compressor Challenges

With seven options to choose from, the top three results were size, air output and weight, accounting for almost 60% of the responses. The VMAC G30 was designed and engineered to address the concerns fleet managers and operators have with their current equipment.


VMAC G30 Gas Drive Air CompressorAir compressor size was the number one challenge our survey identified. The VMAC G30 is 50% smaller* than other competitive air compressors, measuring just 34” (l) x 21.5” (w) x 24” (h), making it small enough to fit on the side pack of a single rear wheel service body. The compact size frees up to 15 cubic feet on the truck body, and leaves more room in the back of the truck for supplies, tools, and equipment. Another bonus is that visibility is improved, as the short height of the G30 means it won’t obstruct the view in the rear window.

Air Output

Not only is the G30 compact, it is also powerful—50% more powerful* than other competitive air compressors. Producing 30 CFM 100% of the time, the G30 can operate at 100% duty cycle, which means you won’t have to wait for air to build, and you can work without interruption, thanks to continuous air supply. The G30 doesn’t need a large air receiver tank either, which aids in the size challenge.


G30 gas drive air compressorWeight challenges are minimized with the VMAC G30, which weighs 50% less* than other competitive air compressors. Weighing just 205 lbs (93 kg), the G30 is over 200 lbs lighter. Not only does every pound of GVW count when building a truck service body, especially because vehicle weight restrictions vary by state, but the Environmental Protection Agency reports that for every 100 lbs of weight reduction, a vehicle’s fuel economy can increase by up to 2%. This means that with 200lbs less weight, the VMAC G30 can save you up to 4% in truck fuel costs.

*Compared to competing 22 to 30 CFM reciprocating gas engine driven air compressors, with 30-gallon air receiver tank.

Operating in Cold Temperatures

Respondents in Canada and the Northeast and Midwestern states noted operating air compressors in cold temperatures to be particularly challenging. To ensure the air compressor can operate in extreme cold, a cold climate kit can be installed on the G30. The G30 with cold climate kit is proven to start-up at temperatures of -30°C (-22°F).**

**Due diligence and additional care may be required for prolonged operation in temperatures reaching below -15°C (5°F).


The VMAC G30’s lightweight and compact design makes it easier to transfer than heavier air compressors weighing over 400 lbs. The lifting hook makes for easy installation on the service truck as well.


The VMAC G30 is easy to maintain, with servicing recommended every 200 hours or every 6 months. The compressor is oil injected; oil forms a seal between the rotors so they don’t wear against each other. The G30 compressor doesn’t contain any gears, reed-valves, piston rings, or components that will fatigue or become fouled, which means with proper servicing and operation, the compressor should never require rebuilding. The G30 comes with a VMAC Lifetime Limited Warranty, and the reliable Honda GX390 engine comes with a 3-year warranty (limited).

Operating in Hot Temperatures

Operating air compressors in hot temperatures was a concern for some operators and fleet managers, predominately those located in areas like Texas, Virginia, Arizona, and California. The G30 is proven to operate at temperatures up to 40°C (104°F) and is protected by a compressor oil temperature switch that opens at 140°C (284°F) and shuts down and disables the engine until the oil temperature drops below 139°C (282°F).

G30 gas air compressor banner

Minimize Challenges with the VMAC G30

Each of these seven challenges can be addressed with upgrading your air compressor to the VMAC G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor. Not only is it 50% smaller, 50% lighter, and 50% more powerful, but it is also proven to operate in the most extreme climates. It’s also easy to transfer and maintain, allowing you to spend your time on the job, not struggling with your equipment.

Learn more about the VMAC G30, or find a dealer. You can also find a VMAC Sales Rep—they’ll be happy to answer your questions, and provide you with a demo of the air compressor, so you can see the G30 in action for yourself.

VMAC Gas Driven Air Compressors Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder, With VMAC’s G30 Gas Driven Air Compressor

VMAC Gas Driven Air CompressorWe all know in the industry that time is money, but how much is your time really worth? How much is your employees’ time worth, or the value of your entire fleet’s services each day? How ever you decide to quantify the cost of wasted minutes and hours, it’s clear that to be successful, waste must be minimized.

This is where the VMAC G30 air compressor comes in. This rotary screw gas driven air compressor is your equipment MVP for getting jobs done faster. Get on-demand air in the time it takes to walk from your truck to your tool; no more waiting around for the air pressure to build. And with 30 CFM at 100% duty cycle, you can get through your jobs in less time and with no interruptions.

Whether your goal is to finish work faster to get home and relax, or squeeze in a few extra jobs before the end of the day, the VMAC G30 air compressor is able to handle your on-demand air requirements, every time. This gasoline powered air compressor was designed with functionality and convenience in mind—here are the facts:

  • VMAC’s G30 offers up to 30 CFM, 100% of the Time, Every Time
    • 50% more powerful – VMAC’s patented rotary screw air compressor has been engineered to produce full air power, on demand at 100% duty cycle. Typical gas driven reciprocating air compressors produce approximately 20 CFM and can only operate at 50% duty cycle.
    • With a 100% duty cycle, the VMAC G30 will be able to handle the entire job, without interruption, for maximum efficiency.
  • VMAC’s G30 is the Smallest Gas Air Compressor in the World
    • 50% lighter – the G30 air compressor weighs just 205 lbs (93 kg), while typical gas driven reciprocating compressors weigh a massive 410 lbs (186 kg)
    • 50% smaller – the G30 air compressor saves you up to 15 cubic feet, allowing you to fit more tools in your truck. Measurements: 33.5” (l) x 20.3” (w) x 20.7” (h)
  • VMAC G30 is the Most Affordable Gas Driven Rotary Screw Air Compressor Available
    • The VMAC G30 price is competitive and affordable to fit your budget
  • VMAC G30’s Warranty is the Best Available
    • VMAC Lifetime Warranty (Limited) – the G30 air compressor comes with the industry’s first lifetime warranty
    • 5 Year Subaru Engine Warranty – the 14 HP Subaru engine comes with an industry leading warranty. Most engines are under warranty for just 2 years

See the full VMAC G30 gas driven air compressor,  plus specs and components, including the cold climate kit for temperatures hitting -25­°F (-32°C). Watch VMAC’s G30 demo video to see this powerful and compact compressor in action.

G30 gas air compressor banner

Read more about the VMAC G30 rotary screw gas drive air compressor here:

VMAC G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor Installation Best Practices
Gas Engine Driven Air Compressors for Tire Service: Tech Advancements
Learn the New Features & Benefits of the Gas Drive Air Compressor

For more information, contact [email protected].

Gas Engine Driven Air Compressors for Tire Service: Tech Advancements

Tech Advancements In Air Compressors for Tire Service

Alignment Machines, Wheel Balancers, Apple Pay, VMAC G30 Gas Driven Air Compressor

It’s been 132 years since Michelin developed the first pneumatic tire and mounted it on a motor vehicle in 1885. As the tire service industry developed and expanded, the innovations did as well—from hot patches to the introduction of radial tires, the industry is constantly evolving.

Fast-forward to the digital age, where the tire service industry is constantly challenged to operate more efficiently and safely, all while providing savings to the end consumer. To stay successful, tire service businesses are investing more into technology and their equipment, which often go together. Alignment machines need software updates to stay current with new vehicles on the road, and wheel balancers come equipped with large touch screens to help technicians on the job and throughout training. Tire repair shops are also incorporating mobile payment options to keep up with the growing consumer use of apps like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

G30 gas drive air compressorAnd VMAC has developed the world’s most affordable gas driven rotary screw air compressor.

The VMAC G30 gas engine driven air compressor is the best choice in the industry—customers looking for a lightweight, compact rotary screw air compressor will be impressed with the power and price of the machine.

100% duty cycle means the VMAC G30 air compressor will deliver up to 30 CFM on demand and without interruption. This compressor is packed with power, designed to be about half the size and weight of any other competitive models available. 50% more power, 50% lighter, 50% smaller.

What makes the VMAC G30 air compressor so advanced? It’s the patented rotary screw design. Designed and manufactured in British Columbia, VMAC air compressors feature proprietary rotary screw technology.

Turn most tire services into nothing more than a pit stop, with a VMAC G30 gas driven air compressor. With on-demand air, you’ll get your jobs done faster, allowing your customers to get back on the road, and you on to your next service call. When planning your 2018 budget, be sure to upgrade your air compressor to the latest technology with the VMAC G30 gas driven air compressor.

Learn more about the VMAC G30 gas drive air compressor, including components and specs.

Read more about the VMAC G30 rotary screw gas drive air compressor here:

Learn The New Features & Benefits Of The Gas Drive Air Compressor
Reciprocating Engine Drive Air Compressor Or A Rotary Screw Engine Driven Air Compressor


G30 gas air compressor banner