VMAC Green Series Truck Mounted Air Compressor Improves Productivity & Fuel Economy [VIDEO]

As green initiatives, climate change action plans, and new environmental laws continue to be the focus of many local governments, the demand for more environmentally-friendly equipment grows. And whether you’re motivated by the environment, or just looking to save money by lowering your fuel consumption, the UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor fits the bill.

Just ask Dale Clozza, of Aurora Roofing, in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, who took the time to give a video testimonial:

The UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series includes VMAC Intelligent Digital Controls that turn your truck off when you’re not using air, and then turn your truck back on when you use air again. As Dale mentions, this not only improves productivity, as operators don’t have to stop working to walk or climb back and forth to their air compressor to turn it off and on, but it also offers significant savings in fuel. A recent idling study revealed idling for an hour uses 0.2 to 0.5 gallons of fuel, depending on the vehicle. How much fuel could you save each day, month, or year if you didn’t have to idle your truck?

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Learn More About the UNDERHOOD™ 70-G & Truck Mounted Air Compressors

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Fuel Saving Tips for Trucks: Reduce Idling, Save On Gas

Study proves turning your vehicle off minimizes both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

You may have heard that it takes more fuel to turn your vehicle off and back on again than it does to stay idling when stopped. One fast food chain even made a claim that it was “Greener” to use the drive-through than parking and walking in for a to-go order. With fuel costs and anti-idling laws being an essential consideration for vehicle owners and fleet managers, it’s important to know the facts.

The fact is that even for short stops, it saves fuel to turn off your vehicle. Idling for even 10 seconds produces more CO2 emissions and burns more fuel than simply turning your engine off, and restarting. This was found by a study done by Argonne National Laboratory, and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Program.

Idling Study Results

Engineers were tasked to study vehicles in the Argonne laboratory’s Advanced Powertrain Research Facility to determine the impacts of idling and restarting. Dynamometer tests were conducted at the facility and revealed that parking a vehicle, turning it off, and then restarting it uses less fuel and produces less CO2 than idling for just 10 seconds. In addition, the study also revealed that the fastest way to warm up a car engine is to drive the vehicle, not by idling it. Argonne found that depending on the vehicle’s size, 0.2 to 0.5 gallons of fuel per hour is used when idling.

Embrace Anti-Idling Laws

With these findings, and as states, provinces, and countries continue to introduce climate change action plans and green initiatives focused on greenhouse gas emissions, now is the perfect time to start embracing an anti-idle mindset in day-to-day driving and work operations. And for those that use air compressors, the VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor integrates perfectly into environmentally-friendly and fuel-conscious operations.

UNDERHOOD™ 70-Green Series Air Compressor

The VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor produces up to 70 CFM at 100% duty cycle. This powerful rotary screw air compressor is installed under the hood of the work truck and its throttle control automatically adjusts truck engine idle speed just enough to match air demand, which reduces fuel consumption. What’s more, the easy-to-use VMAC intelligent digital controls also cut down on idling, as the control system shuts the truck off when air isn’t being used, and then automatically turns the truck back on when air is needed. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions as the vehicle is not idling when tools are not in use. Learn more about the VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor.

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Vehicle Idling Study Conclusion

Going back to the fast food chain’s claim, no, it is not greener to use the drive-through than it is to park and pick up your order inside the restaurant. Here are the facts:

  • Idling for more than 10 seconds burns more fuel, and produces more C02 emissions than turning the engine on and off
  • Idling for an hour uses 0.2 to 0.5 gallons of fuel, depending on the vehicle, and fuel consumption increases as idling speed increases
  • Warming up a vehicle by driving is more effective than idling

Consider these findings next time you find yourself idling your truck, whether working on a job site, picking up a food order, or warming up your truck this winter. And when planning to purchase a new air compressor, consider the VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor.

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Going Green with VMAC: Lightweight & Fuel Saving Air Compressors

Taking Fleets & Equipment Green in 2017

As states, provinces, and countries continue to press forward with climate change action plans and green initiatives, it’s clear that products and technologies that save fuel and reduce emissions will continue to gain in popularity. A particular focus is on reducing the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles and their equipment.

One example of a state’s policy that has fostered change in local commercial vehicle fleets is California. Within the last year the state has unveiled its climate change mandate. California’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions 40% by 2030, and greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050, down from 1990 levels. It’s no coincidence that many California companies are upgrading their fleets to plug-in hybrid electric technology at this time. Organizations that have recently announced fleet upgrades include the City of Long Beach, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric Company, which signed a memorandum of understanding with XL Hybrids, developer of hybrid truck solutions, for up to 110 new vehicles over the next 3 years.

With many changes happening with various federal and state compliance requirements, fleet professionals are turning to industry associations for support in navigating the changing landscape. The Green Truck Association, an affiliate division of the National Truck Equipment Association, is one such organization providing members with resources on technologies that aid in increasing environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. This includes encouraging the use of fuel sources aside from gas and diesel, such as natural gas or electricity, and also choosing lightweight and fuel saving technology.

Fuel Saving & Lightweight Air Compressors

With the demand for green and efficient equipment on the rise, VMAC has developed a line of lightweight and fuel-saving air compressors, including the UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor, as well as the Diesel Driven Air Compressor, and the Multifunction Power System. Each of these air compressors and multifunction power systems is lightweight, reducing gross vehicle weight (GVW) by hundreds of pounds (compared to competing systems). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that for every 100 lbs of weight saved, fuel economy can be improved by up to 2%.

In addition, these mobile air compressors and multifunction power systems are equipped with VMAC’s intelligent digital control system, which reduces idle time of trucks and equipment on the jobsite. These controls automatically shut off your engine when air isn’t being used, and then automatically turn the engine back on when you need to get back to work.

UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressors

UNDERHOOD-Air-Compressor-installed-FORD-F450The UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor produces up to 70 CFM at 100% duty cycle. This rotary screw air compressor is installed under the hood of the work truck, and weighs just 150 lbs, saving up to 260 lbs when compared to similar air compressors. Throttle controls will automatically adjust truck engine idle speed just enough to match air demand and reduce fuel consumption. The VMAC Intelligent Digital Controls are easy to use, and will shut the truck on and off with air demand, eliminating emissions when tools are not being used. See details on the UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor.

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Diesel Driven Air Compressors

Diesel-Drive-60CFM Air CompressorThe VMAC Diesel Driven Air Compressor is a 60 CFM, 100% duty cycle rotary screw air compressor. Weighing in at about 450 lbs, this air compressor is about half the weight of competing diesel air compressors. This above deck air compressor also is equipped with a throttle control system that saves on fuel by idling the Kubota diesel engine up and down with air demand. It also turns the engine off when no air is being used, automatically restarting it with air demand. Learn more about VMAC’s Diesel Driven Air Compressors.

Multifunction Power Systems

Multifunction Power System

VMAC Multifunction Power Systems are versatile and customizable, allowing you to only purchase what you need, reducing waste and weight. Powered by a Kubota 4F diesel engine, the 6-In-One Power System features a 45 CFM air compressor, 8 kW generator, 300A welder, 12-48 V battery booster/charger, PTO, and cold climate kit. The 6-In-One Power System can be integrated into a diesel work truck fuel system or skid-mounted for stand-alone applications, allowing you to keep your truck engine turned off during operation. VMAC’s customizable Multifunction allows you to choose your own options and benefit from over 2,000 possible configurations.

VMAC’s Multifunction Power System will reduce truck GVW by up to 400 lbs, compared to other multifunction systems. Truck GVW is reduced even more when the multifunction is compared to the weight of adding a separate welder, generator, air compressor, and hydraulics to a work truck. The VMAC Multifunction Power System’s digital controls idle the engine up and down, and on and off, with air demand. Visit the Multifunction Power Systems page for more info.

Preparing for the Future

Environmental regulations continue to develop and expand making green technology a vital consideration when investing in new vehicles and equipment. By choosing reliable, lightweight and fuel-efficient air compressors and multifunction power systems you’ll be working towards the common goal of reducing your province or state’s carbon footprint and positioning your company to handle environmental regulations, like anti-idling laws. The right equipment will also help you keep money in your pocket by keeping operating costs and downtime low, which in turn boosts your bottom line.

Interested in learning more about green products within the work truck industry? Visit the Green Truck Association’s website. Browse the VMAC Product page to see the full line of air compressors and multifunction power systems.