Learn what an average job looks like for a typical commercial van operator

Mobile mechanics who choose commercial vans instead of traditional service trucks work with a different set of clients. Service trucks are equipped with a crane and a large air compressor so operators can work on heavy machinery wherever it has broken down. Service vans are equipped with electric or air powered hand tools and have work benches inside the cargo area so operators can work on smaller items in comfort.

Mobile mechanics who operate commercial vans specialize in smaller jobs such as forklift repair, passenger tire service and municipal/utility service. Their vehicles need to be versatile, stocked with a variety of parts and tools, and well organized.

To get an idea of how a van operator works and how you can meet their needs, watch the video below depicting a typical service job using a VMAC UNDERHOOD air compressor.

Learn how:

  • Tool organization impacts the speed with which a job can be completed.
  • The right equipment can efficiently deliver on a job.
  • The right tools keep morale up and deliver happy customers.
  • Space issues in the cargo area can be resolved.

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