Underdeck PTO Drive Compressor Saves Weight On Truck

Phil Fanelli is the owner of Hilmar, CA’s Fanelli Equipment Repair, with a fleet of seven trucks. Having been in business for 12 years, owner Phil Fanelli focuses on repairing and servicing all types of CAT equipment. In the article California’s Fanelli Equipment Repair Upgrades To VMAC DTM70-H, Saves 500 lbs On Truck GVW, Phil explains how he was able to move from a Peterbilt truck with a 14-ft service body down to a smaller and more flexible Ford F-550. He was able to achieve this downsize thanks to the VMAC DTM70-H, a direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulic pump. Weighing just 180 lbs, this multi-power system saved Phil 500 lbs of weight on his Ford truck.

When Phil thinks back to the problems he used to have before switching to the VMAC DTM70-H multi-power system, he is reminded of worrying about having an overweight truck. He is also reminded of his frustrations with having to wait for air to build, or finding that his systems have overheated in the hot California climate he works in. These unplanned interruptions in work due to his equipment resulted in a lot of wasted time.

But since making the move to the VMAC DTM70-H almost one year ago, Phil has zero regrets and no concerns. He shares the top three features of the VMAC PTO driven multipower system, which delivers up to 70 CFM and up to 14.9 GPM:

Weight Savings

  • “The weight savings is the biggest thing for me. We’re so concerned about weight on the F-550, the DTM70-H is the only way to go. We knew the truck was going to be heavy, and this one change saved 500 lbs. I downsized my truck but still added more tools, a drawer set, tool boxes, and an oil tank.”

Air Supply

  • “I can run air and hydraulics at the same time on this truck. I run my VMAC 14 hours straight and still get full air power every time I need it; it’s constant air all the time. I can blow stuff, I can run my impacts and I don’t have to wait. We use a pneumatic torque multiplier which requires steady air with enough CFM. Before, we used to have to wait for an air receiver tank to fill up, but now we don’t have to wait.”

Work in extreme heat

  • “I don’t have to worry about the system overheating, even if I’m working on a hot summer day, the VMAC keeps running in the heat with no downtime.”

These features outlined by Phil lead to big benefits, all which allow him to be more productive, profitable, and positive. The switch to VMAC’s underdeck air compressor and hydraulic system has brought significant weight savings. The lightweight PTO-driven air compressor with hydraulic pump allowed Phil to make the change to the Ford F-550. Phil puts on over 50,000 miles on his trucks each year, so the fuel savings alone add up, further improving his bottom line.

The air supply improvements allow him to save time: “waiting 30 seconds here, a couple minutes there, we can save up to 30 minutes over a four-hour job.” Doing the math, this could result in 1 hour saved for every 8-hour day, 5 hours saved each week, and up to 260 hours saved each year. That’s the equivalent of saving 32 days’ worth of work, every year. Saving time waiting for air is also compounded with the time Phil saves now that his air and hydraulic systems don’t overheat.

The future of Fanelli Equipment Repair in Hilmar, CA is bright. Phil keeps his fleet well-maintained and upgrades his trucks every five years. “The next Ford F-550s that I build will all have the VMAC DTM70-H installed on them,” says Phil. “I feel confident with the VMAC DTM70-H. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, with no downtime. I can’t say enough good stuff about it.”