VMAC Green Series Truck Mounted Air Compressor Improves Productivity & Fuel Economy [VIDEO]

As green initiatives, climate change action plans, and new environmental laws continue to be the focus of many local governments, the demand for more environmentally-friendly equipment grows. And whether you’re motivated by the environment, or just looking to save money by lowering your fuel consumption, the UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor fits the bill.

Just ask Dale Clozza, of Aurora Roofing, in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, who took the time to give a video testimonial:

The UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series includes VMAC Intelligent Digital Controls that turn your truck off when you’re not using air, and then turn your truck back on when you use air again. As Dale mentions, this not only improves productivity, as operators don’t have to stop working to walk or climb back and forth to their air compressor to turn it off and on, but it also offers significant savings in fuel. A recent idling study revealed idling for an hour uses 0.2 to 0.5 gallons of fuel, depending on the vehicle. How much fuel could you save each day, month, or year if you didn’t have to idle your truck?

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