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Direct Transmission Mounted Air Compressors

Direct Transmission Mounted Air Compressors


What Is A PTO Driven Air Compressor?

A PTO driven air compressor is an air compressor that’s driven by the power take-off (PTO) of a vehicle. These innovative air compressors are mounted under the vehicle’s deck, resulting in an elegant solution that’s out of sight and mind (until you need it!) Advantages of PTO Driven Air Compressors Render of VMAC’s PTO air […]


What’s The Deal With Underdeck Air Compressors?

Under deck or underdeck air compressors is another name for PTO driven air compressors, a compressed air system that is powered by a vehicle’s transmission via a PTO. PTO air compressors are frequently nicknamed “underdeck” because of their mounting position, under the deck of a service truck.


Belt Driven Air Compressors vs. Direct Drive Air Compressors

Vehicle integrated air compressors have revolutionized mobile air power. These innovative air compressors use vehicles’ existing power sources to provide compressed air on-demand, anywhere the vehicle goes. They are also significantly lighter and take up little to no deck or cargo space, which is a huge advantage compared to traditional air compressors. VMAC’s vehicle-integrated mobile […]

Meet the VMAC Team

Meet The VMAC DTM70 Team: Kyle McWilliam, Mechanical Engineer

At NTEA’s The Work Truck Show 2019, VMAC released the DTM70 Direct-Transmission Mounted PTO Driven Air Compressor for RAM trucks (also available for Ford). The DTM70 earned a lot of attention due to its innovative design that sets it apart from other PTO air compressors…


Air Compressors For Construction Work

Construction workers quite literally build the world around us, which is why it’s critical they have reliable tools and equipment that gets the job done right. Air compressors for construction work are no exception and it’s crucial that the right compressor is chosen for your job site. Air Compressor Requirements For Construction When choosing an […]


Introducing VMAC’s New RAM PTO Air Compressor

VMAC released a sophisticated PTO driven air compressor designed explicitly for Ram 3500 to 5500 chassis cab Cummins diesel trucks. The Ram PTO air compressor, called the DTM70 or Direct-Transmission Mounted 70, was previously released for Ford F-250 to F750 Power Stroke Diesel trucks. It has proven to be a powerful, compact, and effective means […]


5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use A PTO Shaft Driven Air Compressor

All things aren’t equal with vehicle-integrated air compressors, and some solutions are better than others, which is especially true with PTO-driven air compressors. This article shares five reasons you shouldn’t choose a shaft-driven PTO air compressor. 5. There Are Better PTO Driven Air Compressors Available Air compressor technology is constantly changing. What was once a […]