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Multifunction Power Systems

Multifunction Power Systems


Compare Air Compressor, Generator & Welder Combos For Work Trucks In 2023

It’s not easy to compare systems that combine an air compressor, generator, and welder into one tidy package, but we’re here to help! In this article, we compare several of the most popular air compressor generator welders. Then we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make a smart buying decision. Air compressor generator […]


SV Seeker: The Boat The Internet Built

Doug Jackson grew up watching “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau”, and instantly fell in love with the sea. In school, science and marine biology classes were Doug’s favorites, though he ultimately […]
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5 Key Benefits of VMAC’s Multifunction Power System

VMAC’s Multifunction power system is one of the best ways to power your job site! Featuring electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and welding power in one tidy package, the Multifunction is an efficient and convenient way to power your equipment. In this article, we’ll talk about 5 benefits that make VMAC’s Multifunction a smart choice for mobile […]

Multifunction-Control Box

4 Helpful Features of Your Multifunction Control Box

The VMAC Multifunction power system (MF) control box does a lot more than turn your air compressor on and off. VMAC’s engineers programmed the control box to share important information with operators and crane controllers, and it therefore serves as the communication hub for your MF multi-power system.