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Gas Engine Driven Air Compressors for Tire Service: Tech Advancements

Tech Advancements In Air Compressors for Tire Service Alignment Machines, Wheel Balancers, Apple Pay, VMAC G30 Gas Driven Air Compressor It’s been 132 years since Michelin developed the first pneumatic tire and mounted it on a motor vehicle in 1885. As the tire service industry developed and expanded, the innovations did as well—from hot patches […]


How Do Gas Air Compressors Work?

Gas air compressors are straightforward, gasoline-powered air compression systems with several important components. To understand how gas air compressors work, we need to understand the components that are working together. Although the individual components will vary between air compressor systems, every gas air compressor has two key components: An air end A gas engine The […]


5 Reasons to Choose An UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressor For Your Work Van

Over the last decade, the popularity of commercial vans has steadily grown, as fleet managers and business owners look for cost-savings and improved efficiency in their vehicles. Many companies offer different outfitting options specific to vans, including shelving, storage boxes, tools, and accessories. In the case of air compressors, there are several different solutions, but […]


VMAC G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor Installation Best Practices

You know better than anyone that being an effective truck upfitter requires a unique set of skills – understanding of machinery along with their mechanical and electrical components, knowledge of customer needs and capacity to problem-solve. Customers require that all tools and equipment fit and perform optimally on their job sites.

Gas Drive working at Elevation

Gas combustion engines at elevation

Small CFM gas driven air compressors won’t perform as well at 5,000 feet of elevation as they do at sea level. They may fail, bog down, or supply less air power. But why is this? It all comes down to the physics of gas combustion engines.

DTM70 installed on a Summit Truck

The 5 Best Benefits of PTO Air Compressors For Service Trucks

It’s easy to love PTO air compressors. They provide air-on-demand at 100% duty cycle and are one of the most sophisticated types of air compressors on the market today. In this article, we breakdown 5 of the best benefits of PTO air compressors.