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UNDERHOOD™ Green Series

UNDERHOOD™ Green Series

UNDERHOOD70-G Air Compressor

VMAC Green Series Truck Mounted Air Compressor Improves Productivity & Fuel Economy [VIDEO]

As green initiatives, climate change action plans, and new environmental laws continue to be the focus of many local governments, the demand for more environmentally-friendly equipment grows. And whether you’re motivated by the environment, or just looking to save money by lowering your fuel consumption, the UNDERHOOD™ 70 – Green Series Air Compressor fits the […]

Fuel saving tips

Fuel Saving Tips for Trucks: Reduce Idling, Save On Gas

Study proves turning your vehicle off minimizes both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. You may have heard that it takes more fuel to turn your vehicle off and back on again than it does to stay idling when stopped. One fast food chain even made a claim that it was “Greener” to use the drive-through […]

Going Green with VMAC

Going Green with VMAC: Lightweight & Fuel Saving Air Compressors

Taking Fleets & Equipment Green in 2017 As states, provinces, and countries continue to press forward with climate change action plans and green initiatives, it’s clear that products and technologies that save fuel and reduce emissions will continue to gain in popularity. A particular focus is on reducing the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles and […]