COVID-19 Response

As circumstances change quickly, VMAC is committed to transparency about the state of our business, so you can continue to make informed decisions about yours.

VMAC to remain open as an essential service

VMAC remains an essential service, supporting many other essential service providers, and as such, remains fully operational.

We are working closely with our partners throughout the global community to ensure our products can be assembled, packaged, and delivered without delay.

At present, our status is as follows:

  • VMAC’s supply chain remains healthy and reliable
  • All VMAC products are available for order
  • Shipping and delivery estimates are on time

In the event these circumstances change, we will notify the impacted individuals immediately and update this messaging.

Supporting Our Global Community

VMAC has also been working to assist local, provincial, federal, and international initiatives to help with essential medical supplies. VMAC has prototyped and shipped test parts for ventilator units. If you are aware of any opportunities for VMAC to assist in the production of essential medical supplies, please contact us at the number below.

Our Health & Safety Strategy

Safety is always a priority for VMAC and is reflected in our first core value:

“We place the safety of our coworkers and products above all else.”

We are taking numerous precautions to keep our coworkers and global community healthy and to ensure any impact to business is minimal. Many of VMAC’s coworkers are now working remotely so that there are fewer team members on-site, which allows essential operational coworkers to continue working in a safe environment. To keep themselves, their families and others safe, on-site coworkers are required to follow new Health & Safety protocols which include:

  • spacing coworkers 2+ metres (6 feet) apart at all times
  • mandatory hand washing upon every building entry
  • temporarily quarantining all received shipments
  • prohibiting sick coworkers from attending work
  • visitor screening and restricting access to essential visitors only
  • removing shared coffee and snacks
  • and many similar additional measures

VMAC has also suspended all domestic and international travel until further notice. Employees who recently travelled to NTEA’s The Work Truck Show and CONEXPO-CON/AGG are at home in self-isolation, per the recommendations of health officials. At present, all coworkers who attended these shows are healthy.

Our longstanding Health & Safety team continues to identify and implement new tactics for improving social distancing, health and wellness on an ongoing basis. We are fully dedicated to keeping our coworkers, dealers and customers safe in the months to come.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-514-6656.