UNDERHOOD™ 40 Engine Mount Air Compressor For Vans


The UNDERHOOD™ 40 rotary screw air compressor system is the ultimate solution for commercial van operators who use small air tools for light-duty applications. This belt-driven air compressor mounts under the van’s bonnet and solves common safety issues found with traditional air compressors in vans.


Mounting Kits
VMAC has partnered with Techni Systems to engineer mounting kits for vehicles commonly found in the UK. Working closely with leading van manufacturers, Techni Systems ensures mounting kits do not affect OEM warranties.

Mounting Kits available for:

VMAC Van Mounting Kits UK

  • Mercedes Sprinter 906 & 907 RWD
  • Renault Master FWD
  • Nissan NV400 FWD
  • Opel Movano FWD
  • Vauxhaull Movano FWD
  • Volkswagen Crafter RWD

Some applications are restricted to specific series and/or models. Please confirm compatible vehicles with Techni Systems.

Applications – Common jobs that use the UNDERHOOD™ 40 air compressor are:

  • Tyre servicing
  • Utility servicing
  • Forklift repair

Commonly used air tools – UNDERHOOD™ 40 air compressors can be used for:

  • 3/4″ impact wrench
  • Light chipping hammers
  • Die grinders
  • Tyre inflation


Free up to 0.3 cubic metres in your cargo area
UNDERHOOD™ 40 air compressors free up to 0.3 cubic metres in the cargo area because the air compressor mounts in the engine compartment, beneath the bonnet. The only space required in the cargo area is 0.05 cubic metres for the WHASP tank—a combined air/oil cooler and separator.

Reduce vehicle GVW by up to 130 kg
UNDERHOOD™ 40 air compressors reduce GVW by as much as 130 kg. Choosing a lightweight air compressor means you’ll be able to add more tools and equipment to your vehicle, carry more materials, or take advantage of better fuel economy.

Up to 68 m3/h (40 CFM). 100% of the time
UNDERHOOD™ 40 engine mount air compressors use patented rotary screw technology designed to run at 100% duty cycle without stopping, so operators don’t have to wait for their air compressor to fill up a large air receiver tank.

Eliminate common van safety issues
UNDERHOOD™ 40 air compressors are specifically engineered to eliminate safety hazards that van operators face, including lifting injuries, toxic fume exposure and gas fires inside the cargo area.


Van with UNDERHOOD™40 Installed

The UNDERHOOD™ 40 compressor mounts under the bonnet of your van. To operate, simply shift your vehicle into park and engage the parking brake. With the engine idling, a simple on/off switch turns on the compressor system. Once on, an electric clutch engages on the compressor, the engine idles up, and the rotary screw compressor delivers a steady, continuous flow of air to your tools.

The WHASP Tank is an integrated cooler/tank that mounts in the cargo area on your van. An air/oil mixture is thrust from the compressor to the WHASP Tank that both cools the air/oil mixture, and separates and then recirculates the oil back to the compressor. From there, filtered compressed air flows continuously to the air receiver tank, if installed, or directly to your air tools.

The throttle control automatically modulates engine RPM, depending on air usage. The UNDERHOOD™ 40 throttle control is adjustable and includes two-speed operation.


  • Air Compressor Output

    Up to 68 m3/h (40 CFM) @ 6.9 Bar

  • Air Compressor Type

    Belt driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw

  • Total System Weight (wet)

    Approximately 38.5 kg

  • WHASP Tank
    • Combined air/oil cooler, air/oil separator tank
    • 44.5 cm (l) x 20.3 cm (w) x 50.2 cm (h)
  • Throttle Control

    Two-speed operation; automatically modulates engine RPM depending on air usage; adjustable

  • Display Box

    On/Off controls

  • Safety System
    • Electro-magnetic clutch
    • Compressor thermal protection circuit
    • Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank
    • 13.7 Bar pressure relief valve
  • Air Receiver Tank (recommended, not included)

    Minimum 22.7 L (6 gallon) air receiver tank recommended for optimal performance

  • Warranty

    Two years on all major components; VMAC air ends are covered by VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty

  • *Actual maximum air output of the air compressor varies by vehicle application.

    *Actual maximum CFM output of the air compressor varies by vehicle application. See Application List for details.

    **2019+ model year vans only