VMAC’s LEAN journey

VMAC Lean Enterprise

Lean EnterpriseVMAC designs and manufactures the world’s most compact and powerful mobile air compressors and multi-power systems available. Steeped in a culture of continuous improvement, VMAC has embraced the LEAN Enterprise methodology throughout operations, far beyond just manufacturing. From the engineering department to the manufacturing facilities, to the shipping, logistics, finance, HR, marketing and sales departments, each coworker and team plays an integral role in VMAC’s LEAN culture.

What is LEAN Enterprise at VMAC?

LEAN Enterprise goes by many names, including LEAN Manufacturing, LEAN Production, and Six Sigma, but at VMAC it’s simply referred to as LEAN.

LEAN is best described as the ongoing pursuit of removing waste from an organization’s manufacturing process. Driven by the goal of customer satisfaction, VMAC is constantly striving to produce a product of the highest quality, at the lowest cost, and with the shortest delivery time. Simply put, LEAN drives VMAC to maximize value while minimizing waste. This benefits the VMAC organization, but also passes value on to our customers in the way of quality, reliability, durability, ease of use, service level, and more.

VMAC’s LEAN journey is constantly evolving, as improvements can always be made.