VMAC Throttle Controls

VMAC Throttle Controls


VMAC’s Throttle Commander high idle electronic throttle controls speed up your truck’s engine when the vehicle is stationary.  With the vehicle’s engine at high idle, more power is available for heavy alternator loads, cooling systems and Power Take-off (PTO) applications.  This means jobs get done faster, saving time and money.

Designed for electronic engines, these load sensing throttle controls will maintain preset programmed RPM settings over a range of engine torque loads.  Can be activated from anywhere on the vehicle with a 12-volt signal.

Benefits of VMAC Throttle Commander high idle controls:

  • Maintains rpm over engine torque loads
  • Easy installation – OEM connectors makes for a clean and simple installation
  • Immediate response time
  • 2-3 preset programmable RPM settings

VMAC engineers throttle controls for the best performance and easiest possible installation.  Truck applications include: Ford Logo RAM Logo GMC Logo Chevy Logo

  • Ford F-250 to F-550 Power Stroke Diesel
  • Ford E-250 to E-550 Power Stroke Diesel
  • Ford F-250 to F-750 Gas
  • Dodge/RAM 2500 to 5500 Cummins Turbo Diesel
  • GM/Chevy 2500 to 3500 Gas
  • GM/Chevy 2500 to 5500 Duramax Diesel

For a complete application list, click here.

Applications – Common vehicles that use VMAC Throttle Commander throttle controls:

  • Emergency trucks: ambulances, fire responders, rescue vehicles, small pumper fire trucks
  • Fleet and work trucks: bucket and lift trucks, tire changers, wreckers, cleaning trucks, telecom repair trucks
  • Surveillance trucks
  • Telecom and utility truck fleets
  • Service trucks

Commonly used equipment – VMAC Throttle Commander can be used to idle up truck engines for:

  • Air conditioner and heater motors
  • Air compressors
  • Alternator loads
  • PTO applications
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Lights
  • Aerial and other vehicle lifts
  • Audio and video systems
  • Truck battery discharge protection
  • Vacuum systems

Electronic Throttle Controls

VMAC electronic throttle controls are closed loop, so they monitor an RPM signal from the vehicle. By monitoring this RPM signal, it insures that the vehicle engines don’t over rev. RPM can be easily adjusted by turning the adjustment screw. The RPM setting can range from 900 – 2,500, depending on the application.

SEIC Throttle Controls

Ford vehicles equipped with Stationary Elevated Idle Control (SEIC) can use VMAC’s SEIC module that easily interfaces with both Ford gas and diesel engines. It features 2 adjustable speed settings, a port for a remote pendant option, remote start/stop compatibility and easy to follow instructions. The RPM range on Ford diesel engines can range from 900 – 3,000, depending on the application. The RPM range on Ford gas engines can range from 900 – 2,400, depending on the application.

Remote Variable Speed Fire Pendant Control

For applications that require immediate access to high vehicle RPM, a Fire Pendant Control make be an option.

Safety Features

  • Drive Disable Circuit (DDC) – Vehicle must be in Park or Neutral and Park Brake must be engaged for Throttle Commander to operate. (DDC built-in to most applications; see application list for details.)


VMAC Throttle Commander Accessories:

  • Remote variable speed pendant control – allows remote engine speed adjustment. (Available for most applications; see application list for details.)