VMAC Multifunction - Compressor-Hydraulic Power System

Multifunction – Compressor-Hydraulic Power System


Ideal for hydraulic crane trucks that need an air compressor - this package keeps you working without relying on your truck engine.

This self-contained system can be fully integrated into any diesel work truck fuel system or skid-mounted for stand-alone applications with an optional external fuel tank.

Components included:

  • 45 CFM Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • 2,800 RPM Power Take-off Port
  • Factory-installed Cold Climate Kit – 120 V, tested to -40°F (-40°C)

Applications – Common jobs that use the Compressor-Generator Power System:

  • Mobile heavy duty mechanics
  • Heavy equipment repair technicians
  • Remote access jobs in mining, logging and oil & gas


Multifunction Compressor-Hydraulic-Power-System Components

High airflow, 100% duty cycle with the reliability of the global leader in mobile compressed air.

2,800 RPM Power Take-off Port.

Cold Climate Protection recommended if ambient temperatures frequently drop below -10C (14F). Combine with optional 1000W inverter and warm the system on the way to the job site.


Air Compressor: 45 CFM and up to 175 psi, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw, belt driven
Engine: Kubota Diesel D902 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated 3,600 RPM, Tier 4 Final
Power Take-off Port: Clutched SAE ‘A’ port with 9-toothed spline, 2,800 RPM output, 35 ft-lb continuous torque (max)
Throttle Control: 2-speed throttle, responds to air demand
Battery: Integrated ACDelco 12 V, 460 CCA, 575 CA
Control System:
  • Easy to use digital control system with adjustable parameters.
  • Remote mounted PTO and compressor control panel.
  • Separate selector switches engage compressor and PTO.
  • Any one function or all can be selected and used simultaneously.
  • With compressor-only selected, and sustained periods of no air use, the control system will shut down the engine.
  • Engine auto-restarts with air demand.
  • With any other function selected, the engine will not shut down automatically.
Cold Climate Protection:
  • Adjustable glow plug control.
  • Engine and compressor will wait till the temperatures are above 41°oF (5°C) before loading and going into a running state.
  • Engine will automatically restart when system temperature falls below 23oF (-5oC); small heat strip included in LCD Digital Control Box.
  • Battery jump start connections are recommended to be tied into the truck batteries in locations where extreme cold is expected. It is not necessary in mild climates.
Weight (wet): Approximately 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • 33” (l) x 23” (w) x 29” (h); 83.8 cm (l) x 58.4 cm (w) x 73.7 cm (h)
  • Mounting Plate: 20” (l) x 20” (w); 50.8 cm (l) x 50.8 cm (w)
Decibels (dB) @ 21 feet (6.4 meters): 81.2 dB at high idle, 76 dB at low idle, 0 dB in Standby Mode
Fuel Supply Options:
  • 7-Gallon tank with fuel gauge and low fuel shut-off sensor
  • External Diesel Fuel Pump Kit
Air Receiver Tank (recommended, not included): Minimum 10-Gallon Air Receiver Tank - Recommended for proper operation of all functions.
  • Two years on all major components; VMAC air ends are covered by VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty; the Kubota engine is covered by Kubota’s 2-Year warranty.
  • For more information about VMAC’s or Kubota’s warranty policies, visit www.vmacair.com/warranty