VMAC Wins Finning-CAT’s 2017 Innovative Solutions Supplier Of The Year Award

Right after announcing the rebrand to Air Innovated, the leader in mobile compressed air innovation, VMAC wins Finning-CAT’s prestigious Innovative Solutions Supplier award.

(l-r)  Jim Raymond (Sales Manager), Darren Darnley (National Sales Rep), Gordon Duval (VP Marketing & Sales)

When we announced our brand promise to be the leader in mobile compressed air innovation at NTEA’s The Work Truck Show 2018 (WTS18), we promised to continue to design and manufacture innovative products to meet the needs of the work truck industry. We backed this up with examples from the last 20 years and shared two important new innovations.

The first is the new VMAC DTM70-H, a direct-transmission mounted 70 CFM air compressor with hydraulic pump, which provides simultaneous operation of the air compressor and hydraulic pump. The DTM70-H is easy to install, with no drive shafts or transfer case modifications involved, making it a true industry innovation.

The second is the new UNDERHOOD™ 40 air compressor system. It is the only air compressor specifically designed for commercial vans, providing up to 40 CFM, reducing GVW, and freeing up cargo space. Compared to its predecessor, the new UNDERHOOD™ 40 provides 33% more air power, while running the vehicle’s engine at a lower RPM.

With these new product innovations, VMAC lives its brand promise of “Air Innovated”. Validating this claim, we’re pleased to announce VMAC won Finning-CAT’s 2017 Innovative Solutions Supplier of the Year award.

(l-r) Neal Clozza (Mechanical Engineer), Michael Hildebrand (Manufacturing Engineer)

Finning is the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, with operations in Canada, Europe, and South America. Finning has over 80 years of experience as a Caterpillar dealer, and VMAC has been the supplier of UNDERHOOD™ air compressors used on Finning’s service trucks for over seventeen years, and more recently VMAC began supplying its Multifunction Power Systems to Finning.

The VMAC Multifunction Oilman Series Power System combines an air compressor, generator, welder, battery booster/charger, hydraulic pump, and a Positive Air Shutoff System (PASS), all in one complete package powered by a small diesel engine. And this year, at WTS18, we announced the new CAT-powered version of the VMAC Multifunction.

We’d like to thank Finning for this award, which recognizes VMAC for our pursuit of excellence and innovation, supporting our Air Innovated promise.

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