Multifunction Power Systems

The VMAC Multifunction Power System is the best choice for customers who need a versatile multi-power machine that can handle any job.

Powered by a Cat® or Kubota Tier 4F diesel engine, or Honda EFI gas engine, VMAC’s Multifunction allows you to turn off your truck engine and still have up to six types of power available in a lightweight and compact system. Available power options include a welder, generator, air compressor, battery booster/charger, PTO port with hydraulic pump, positive air shutoff system (PASS), and more.

All models feature the patented VMAC rotary screw air compressor, which includes a VMAC Lifetime Warranty (Limited).
With the VMAC Multifunction multi-power system, you can choose from popular systems or customize your own.

Multifunction Power Systems Models Available


5-in-1 Power System – Honda

Greater power, smarter design – Powered by a Honda gas engine, this Multifunction system features a rotary screw air compressor, generator, welder, booster, charger, and integrated cold climate kit. Built for quiet operation for heavy duty mechanic work.

6-in-1 Power System – Cat® Power

6-in-1 Power System – Cat® Power

For industrial job sites or residential areas where noise level is a concern, there is no better system. This VMAC Multifunction system, powered by a Cat® Industrial Diesel Tier 4 Interim Equivalent engine, includes six power sources in one compact, quiet system: air compressor, generator, welder, battery booster/charger, PTO, and cold climate kit.


6-in-1 Power System – Kubota

Nothing will stop you on the job site; with everything you need in a single compact system, you will be ready for anything.

This self-contained system can be fully integrated into any diesel work truck fuel system or skid-mounted for stand-alone applications with an optional external fuel tank. Sound shroud and noise reduction panels now included.

VMAC multifunction oilman series

6-in-1 – Oilman Series Power System

This 6-in-1 Oilman series multi-power system is built for industrial job sites that may have natural gas, propane, or other flammable gasses on site, such as oil and gas leases. Includes an air compressor, generator, welder, battery booster/charger, PTO, cold climate kit, and positive air shutoff system (PASS). Available with Cat® Power

Compressor-Generator-Welder Power System

Compressor-Generator-Welder Power System

Ideal for mechanic’s trucks with electric and electric over hydraulic cranes – this system will power most electrical equipment and air tools, and can handle any mobile mechanic welding job. Includes an air compressor, generator, welder, battery booster/charger, and cold climate kit.

Multifunction Power Systems Benefits

Free Up Space

VMAC Multifunction Power Systems leave more space on your truck deck or cargo area because they combine multiple functions into one compact system. The overall system size is up to six cubic feet smaller than other leading multi-power brands and designed to fit on the side pack of a service truck with a slider.

Reduce Weight

VMAC’s Multifunction reduces truck GVW by up to 400 lb. Choosing a lightweight multi-power system means you’ll be able to add more tools and equipment to your truck, carry more materials, take advantage of better fuel economy, or even downsize your truck classification.

Reduce Truck Maintenance & Fuel Costs

Multifunction Power Systems save truck maintenance costs and improve fuel economy by allowing you to turn your truck engine off while on the job site. The control system not only automatically idles the system’s engine up/down with air demand, it also turns the engine off/on with air demand.

Easy To Operate & Switch Between Systems

VMAC Multifunction Power Systems allow you to seamlessly switch between operations, without the hassle of complicated controls or maneuvering multiple machines on the job site. This means more time working, improving productivity, and getting your customers back to work faster. It is designed for ease-of-use, to run efficiently with only one operator.

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