Industrial Engine Applications

VMAC has over 25 years of experience developing custom mounting kits for various industrial engines including Cat®, Cummins, DEUTZ, John Deere, Kohler, Kubota, Yanmar, and more. Compressor system applications range from 15-150 CFM, operating at 100% duty cycle.

VMAC’s specialty is to custom design compact, lightweight and powerful rotary screw air compressor systems for industrial engine applications with annual volume sales of 100+ units. We’re here as your partner to help increase your value-added sales potential by providing a proven and reliable VMAC air compressor.

Listed below are some of the belt-driven compressor systems VMAC has developed for common industrial engines.

Contact us for more information or if you don’t see your preferred engine on the list.

IndustrialEngine Applications

Supplier Engine Model Engine Displacement VMAC Air End
CAT C4.4 4.4 L VR70
CAT C7.1 7.1 L VR70
Cummins B3.3 3.3 L VR70
Cummins B4.5 4.5 L VR70
Cummins B6.7 6.7 L VR70 / VR130
John Deere 4045 4.5 L VR70
John Deere 6068 6.8 L VR70 / VR130
John Deere 6090 9.0 L VR70
Kohler KDI1903 1.9 L VR70
Kohler KDI2504 2.5 L VR70
Kubota V3800 3.8 L VR70
Kubota V5009 5.0 L VR40 / VR70
Kubota D902 0.9 L VR70
Scania DC16 16 L VR70
Yanmar 4TNV98CT 3.3 L VR70

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