Air Compressors For Yanmar Engines

VMAC’s OEM division has created a range of specialized rotary screw air compressor systems for Yanmar engines, including Mastry series engines. Our air compressor systems deliver 20-70 CFM of compressed air at 100% duty cycle.

Our OEM team at VMAC is committed to delivering powerful, lightweight, and compact rotary screw air compressor systems that are ideal for industrial use. If your annual sales exceed 100 units, our team can custom design a solution for you. With over 25 years of experience, we collaborate with our partners to design and build the ideal air compressor system for their application and specifications. 


Custom OEM Compressor SystemsFor Yanmar Engines

VMAC designs custom air compressor systems for many types of industrial engines, including the following Yanmar engines:

Supplier Engine Model  Engine Displacement VMAC Air End
Yanmar 4TNV98CT  3.319  VR70

To learn more about VMAC’s custom OEM solutions, please contact our OEM team

DiscoverCustom Air Compressors By VMAC

VMAC provides air compressor solutions designed for specific Yanmar engines that produce 20-70 CFM at 100% duty cycle. If you don’t see your engine in the list above, reach out and we will determine whether we can develop a new custom option for your Yanmar engine. Each VMAC-designed system is developed alongside our partners, ensuring your air compressor solution works for your unique needs, specifications, and application.

At VMAC, we take pride in our exceptional OEM service and support. From the initial consultation to installation and the years beyond, we work closely with our partners to ensure their success. Connect with our OEM team today to discover whether we’re a good fit for your custom air project.


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