Mobile & OTR Tire Service Work

Air Compressors For Mobile Tire Service

Air compressors for mobile tire service help you replace commercial, passenger, and OTR tires quickly and efficiently.

These compressors are typically used to inflate tires and power impact wrenches and other pneumatic tools.

Most mobile tire service air compressors provide 30 to 70 CFM at 100 psi, although higher CFM and psi outputs are possible.

Mobile tire technician servicing vehicle tire with compressed air

Choosing The IdealMobile Tire Service Air Compressor

Speed and efficiency are two of the most important attributes when choosing an air compressor for mobile tire service. An air compressor that does the job quickly will minimize the amount of time spent in dangerous roadside conditions, while also maximizing productivity. When every second counts, the right air compressor is critical.

Mobility is another important consideration, regardless of whether you focus on OTR, commercial, or passenger tires. That’s why smart tire techs choose air compressors specifically designed for their work trucks and commercial vans. Rugged mobile air compressors are engineered to withstand vehicle vibration and demanding outdoor environments.  

Size and weight should also factor into your mobile air compressor choice. Compact air compressors free up more space, while lightweight compressors reduce payload. Together, these benefits allow mobile tire technicians to carry more tires, tools and equipment, without compromising on air power. VMAC air compressors are built to be the most compact, lightweight, and powerful mobile air compressors available for tire service work.

“I’ve been using my UNDERHOOD® air compressor for six months now and have absolutely no regrets. When you’re working on the side of the interstate with trailers buzzing past you at 80 mph, you want to get off as fast as you can. With my UNDERHOOD air compressor, I push the button and within 10 seconds I have full flow of air at 70 CFM. It’s an amazing air compressor.” 

-Gabe’s Emergency Road Service (Walsenburg, CO)


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