Oil & Gas Service / Maintenance Work

Air Compressors For Oil & Gas Equipment Maintenance

Oil and gas service and maintenance workers keep our world powered by ensuring machinery and equipment works when it should.

Air compressors for oil and gas work provide critical pneumatic power at remote job sites, which are used for various tools and equipment.

Finning service truck works on heavy machinery in oil & gas field

How To ChooseAn Air Compressor For Oil & Gas Equipment Maintenance

Air compressors for oil & gas work need to be mobile, allowing operators to easily move them anywhere in the field. For maximum mobility, these air compressors should be vehicle integrated or vehicle mounted, allowing operators to access air anywhere their vehicle goes.

Rotary screw air compressors are ideal for oil & gas maintenance work because they are powerful and operate at 100% duty cycle. Simply turn on the air compressor and it’s ready to work, without any delay. This kind of air compressor efficiency is key when every second counts towards your bottom line. 

The best air compressors for oil & gas equipment maintenance are also compact and lightweight. By choosing a small and lightweight air compressor—without compromising on power—you can improve ground clearance in rough terrain, and free up space on your vehicle for other tools and equipment. Don’t waste space or payload on a bulky, heavy air compressor when you don’t have to.

More PowerWith Multifunction Systems

A multifunction power system is also a great equipment option when you don’t know what will be facing you out in the field. Multifunction power systems combine an air compressor, welder, electric generator, and hydraulic power, allowing you to tackle any problem the job site throws your way.

"I am impressed with the versatility of the VMAC Multifunction Power System. I can very quickly and easily go from using the on board air system to welding and air arcing. The unit has been great, reliable and easy to use. I would highly recommend one if someone was setting up a service truck."

-Great West Equipment


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