Air Compressors For Construction Work

Air Compressors For Construction

Construction work is essential to keeping our world running, and as an important member of the construction industry, it’s essential that you have the equipment you can count on.

Air compressors for construction are engineered specifically for challenging mobile applications in various construction zones and job sites, so you can get the job done.

Excavator operator rests against machinery at construction site

Construction & Equipment RepairAir Compressors

Whether you’re in the city using a pavement breaker for construction road work or visiting a remote job site to repair equipment, it’s important that your air compressor can power air tools without interruption. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at the construction site and realizing your construction air compressor can’t keep up. 

Construction work is diverse, and there are various air compressors to choose from. Tow-behind air compressors are sometimes found on construction job sites, but they come with many problems. They’re hard to maneuver, monopolize your hitch, break down constantly, and pose safety concerns. For this reason, many fleets are choosing vehicle mounted air compressors for construction work. 

Vehicle mounted rotary screw air compressors are well-suited for construction work, as they’re compact, powerful, and always with the vehicle, ready to work when you are. VMAC’s rotary screw air compressors are proven to work outside in all types of weather and dirty, dusty construction sites.

Above-deck hydraulic, diesel and gas powered air compressors are ideal for running impact wrenches for equipment repairs. Meanwhile, more powerful underdeck (DTM) and UNDERHOOD® air compressor systems produce enough air to power jack-hammers, pavement breakers, and drills. 

“We have the DTM70 installed on our service truck and we’re very pleased with it. After three years we have approximately 2400 hours on this unit and have experienced zero downtime.”

James Dyer, Fleet Manager, Sureway Construction Work (Edmonton, Alberta, British Columbia)


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