VMAC Resources 

VMAC has developed numerous resources to help our customers, dealers, partners, and visitors better understand air compressors and the VMAC product line. Explore our resources below to get started!

Air Tool Consumption Guide

Find out how much air your tools need with VMAC’s air tool consumption guide. This handy chart explains the CFM requirements of common air tools and lets you know how much CFM your air compressor needs to produce.

Application Lists

VMAC’s vehicle-integrated air compressor systems are designed and engineered for the most common work trucks and vans. Find out whether we have an UNDERHOOD® or Direct-Transmission Mounted system kit for your specific vehicle.


VMAC’s blog is a wealth of knowledge covering a range of topics. Learn about the various types of mobile air compressors, discover job stories featuring real customers, explore the science behind compressed air, and more.

Specs & Brochures

VMAC has developed numerous resources to help you better understand the VMAC product line. Explore our spec sheets, bid specifications, and product guides.


Find out why people love VMAC air compressors and multi-power systems!


Discover all the latest videos from VMAC!  Our video library includes our corporate story and facility tour, product overviews, stories from our teams, influencer reviews, support videos, and more.


Join VMAC representatives to find out how VMAC’s air compressors and multi-power systems are helping fleets across North America work more profitably and productively. Our webinars review specs, share customer stories, hint at future product releases, and help you identify the best systems for your application.