VMAC air compressors and multi-power systems help you work better. Read our testimonials below to find out how VMAC has helped others like you improve productivity and profits.

Summit Truck Bodies

One of the major concerns for customers who purchase our smaller 19,500 GVW 7-series truck body is weight. In order to address this, we’ve made it our goal to reduce the weight of our body and accessories. We have saved almost 260 lbs when installing the VMAC H40 hydraulic driven air compressor instead of the competitor’s comparable air compressor, allowing techs to carry more tools and supplies needed to get their jobs done.

Sondra Kirby, Parts Sales, Summit Truck Bodies (Kansas, USA)

City of Livonia

Now that the UNDERHOOD air compressor is with the truck, it is ready to use whenever there is a need for compressed air on the job site. There’s no lost time traveling back to the yard to get a compressor, and we don’t have to tow a trailer.

Buzz Kirby, City of Livonia (Michigan, USA)


The Honda has a lower idle speed, creating less noise, which is much appreciated when used in residential settings. There is zero lag on air tools under high demand. We’ve been using VMAC for so long that old issues have been forgotten.

Chris Binks, Assistant Manager, KAL TIRE (British Columbia, Canada)

Cullen Diesel Power Ltd.

We chose the UNDERHOOD air compressor because we wanted to save space in our van’s work area, and we needed a compact air compressor that could provide enough air flow for our jobs. We’ve been very happy with the air compressor – it has been up to any challenge we have put it through.

Dennis Miskow, Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. (British Columbia, Canada)

The D60 delivers good power, and is basically unstoppable! Just turn it on, do your job, and shut it off – it’s a no brainer. You can’t compare it to a reciprocating compressor because they’re like apples and oranges – completely different. The D60 is way more efficient! I get twice the work done in half the time.

Kade Van Shaik, Operator, Highway Tire (British Columbia, Canada)

For the size, the G30 makes a lot of air. It beats anything in the recip world. It doesn’t weigh very much, and it’s affordable. With the G30 + generator unit, it’s nice to also have that mobile power supply.

Darren Somerville, IWC Excavation (British Columbia, Canada)

Suez North America

When we updated our fleet to be more environmentally friendly and lightweight we moved from a 1,000 lb diesel driven air compressor to the UNDERHOOD150 which saved us 800 lbs. This fleet update has saved us almost $20,000 in diesel fuel costs and reduced our carbon footprint by 155,000 lbs.

Bruce Ottogalli, Transportation Manager, Suez North America (New Jersey, USA)

Time is money, and the VMAC units work very fast.

Kal Tire (British Columbia, Canada)

Southern Tire Mart

The DTM is convenient and reliable. There’s no downtime, just 100% uptime. It always works.

Rick Fleenor, Southern Tire Mart (Texas, USA)

I am impressed with the versatility of the VMAC Multifunction Power System. I can very quickly and easily go from using the on board air system to welding and air arcing. The unit has been great, reliable and easy to use. I would highly recommend one if someone was setting up a shop/service truck.

Great West Equipmemt (British Columbia, Canada)

UNDERHOOD compressors have given us 3 years of uninterrupted service on our fleet of mobile service vehicles. It gives us the unrivaled performance and reliability required for our busy operation.

Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd. (Dubai, UAE)

Before we got the UNDERHOOD Air Compressor we used a truck-mounted gas powered air compressor. I like that we don’t have to worry anymore about having gas for a separate engine, or taking up space in the back of our truck. With the UNDERHOOD, you just push the button to start, and get continuous air right away, even in the colder winter months.

Derrick Moore (Ohio, USA)

We have been doing business with VMAC for many years now. Not once have they ever let us down. Their products are great and reliable. The team in Nanaimo is top notch by making customer service their top priority.

Kal Tire (British Columbia, Canada)

We really appreciate how VMAC works together with us. It is a pleasure being a dealer for VMAC compared to a lot of other companies we deal with. Keep up the good work.

Northern Auto Electric Ltd (British Columbia, Canada)

I’ve been using my UNDERHOOD air compressor for six months now and have absolutely no regrets. When you’re working on the side of the interstate with trailers buzzing past you at 80 mph, you want to get off as fast as you can. With my UNDERHOOD air compressor, I push the button and within 10 seconds I have full flow of air at 70 CFM. It’s an amazing air compressor.

Gabe's Emergency Road Service (Colorado, USA)

Tire installs are a lot quicker because I don’t have to wait for air. I used to get 1 or 2 lug nuts off, then I would have to wait a couple of minutes for the air compressor to build air. Now I don’t have to wait. My VMAC air compressor keeps up with anything I’m doing, I can’t outwork it. It helps me get my job done fast so I can quickly move on to my next job and get home before dark.

Highway Tire (British Columbia, Canada)

You can put the G30 air compressor/generator in the back of a truck and have both air and power in the same unit. You don’t need two engines to maintain or two fuel tanks to fill. It’s more convenient and saves time.

Darren Somerville, IWC Excavation (British Columbia, Canada)

We have the DTM70 installed on our service truck and we’re very pleased with it. After three years we have approximately 2400 hours on this unit and have experienced zero downtime.

James Dyer, Fleet Manager, Sureway Construction Work (Alberta, Canada)

I would recommend the UNDERHOOD to anybody in the tire business who is serious. I know some people don’t bother to invest in a good quality air compressor because of the initial expense but when you add up what it actually costs you each year, it’s pennies.

Keith Kitchen Full Service Tire (Ontario, Canada)

Specialty Products & Insulation
VMAC is so much more reliable than the other product we have used in the past. The service and support at VMAC are outstanding.

Kenneth Phinney, Purchasing Manager , Specialty Products & Insulation (New Hampshire)