Municipal & Utilities Infrastructure Work

Air Compressors For Municipal & Utilities Infrastructure

Air compressors are vital for water, roads, and fleet departments across the nation, allowing municipal workers to complete critical jobs quickly and efficiently. Air compressors for municipalities power a medley of important air tools, including pavement breakers, post pounders, pneumatic power tools, and road repair equipment. 

You need a reliable air compressor that’s ready to work, regardless of whether you’re improving streets or water infrastructure, working on gas lines, installing cables, or maintaining fleets. Choosing the right air compressor will help ensure the job gets done.

Municipal worker using air powered jackhammer

AboutMunicipal & Utilities Air Compressors

Several types of air compressors for municipal and utility fleets are available, varying in size, weight, power source, and CFM output. Many fleets have relied on tow-behind air compressors for decades, but there are better air compressors on the market today. For example, vehicle mounted air compressors provide higher mobility, are significantly smaller and lighter, and free up the vehicle’s hitch.

Vehicle mounted air compressors are available in both deck mounted and vehicle integrated options, allowing you to choose the best systems for your municipal or utility fleet. Deck mounted air compressors are typically available in gas, diesel, and hydraulic models, while vehicle integrated compressors utilize existing engine or PTO power sources.

Rotary screw air compressors are ideal for municipal and utility work because they operate at 100% duty cycle, resulting in a more compact and powerful compressed air solution. Therefore, a rotary screw air compressor that is vehicle mounted or integrated is the optimal choice for utilities and municipal maintenance work.

“Now that the UNDERHOOD® air compressor is with the truck, it is ready to use whenever there is a need for compressed air on the job site. There’s no lost time traveling back to the yard to get a compressor, and we don’t have to tow a trailer.”

-Buzz Kirby, City of Livonia (Michigan, USA)



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