Electric Air Compressors For Mobile OEM Applications

VMAC manufactures continuous duty rotary screw air compressors, ranging from 20-130 CFM for the most common industrial engines and 10-20 CFM for electric air brake applications. VMAC is currently working with various partners to develop custom electric air compressor packages to their specifications with 200-1,000 Volt applications.

Note: For information about VMAC’s 10-20 CFM electric air brake compressors for buses and heavy trucks, please visit WeBuildReliability.com.

VMAC Electric Air Compressor Highlights

100% Duty Cycle

20–70 CFM. 100% of the time.


Lightweight, Aluminum Design

The motor and compressor utilize lightweight, durable materials.

Direct-Motor Mounted

No gears or coupling required.



Modular Dual System Design Option

Combine two compressors to produce 20-130 CFM with built in redundancy.



Customizable Options

Choose the options that work best for your application. Air to Oil or Liquid to Oil compressor cooling, modular separation, and filtration systems available.

70 CFM Electric Drive Air Compressor Specifications

Min. Working Pressure
90 psi 6.2 bar
Max. Working Pressure
175 psi 12.1 bar
Maximum Air Output*
70 CFM 1,982 l/min
Compressor Weight
50 lb 22.7 kg
*Using ASME PTC 19.5 – 2004 flow measurement standard at 100 psi

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