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10-Gallon Air Receiver Tank w/ Mounting Feet

10-Gallon Air Receiver Tank w/ Mounting Feet



Air receiver tanks are used for lowering compressor duty cycle and removing water from compressed air. Recommended for optimum operation of VMAC Hydraulic Air Compressors, VMAC Diesel Driven Air Compressors, UNDERHOOD40, UNDERHOOD70 (including Green Series Air Compressors), DTM70/DTM70-H, and VMAC Multifunction Power Systems, which include standby mode; ASME certified; includes fittings, 200 psi pressure relief valve, tank drain, and 200 psi pressure gauge.
  • Maximum pressure: Up to 200 psi
  • Dimensions: 30.0″ (l) x 10.0″ (d); 76.2 cm (l) x 25.4 cm (d)
  • Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)

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