Landscaping & Winterization Work

Air Compressors For Landscaping

Air compressors for landscaping are used to blow out pipes every fall season, preventing winter damage.

Blowing water out of pipes is an important landscaping job for both residential and commercial irrigation systems and can be highly profitable when done efficiently.

Rotary screw air compressors for landscaping make it as fast and easy as possible to blow out sprinkler and irrigation pipes.

Landscaping sprinkler system blown out with compressed air

Choosing The RightLandscaping Compressor

Landscaping air compressors typically produce 20 to 50 CFM at 50 psi. Smaller pipes tend to require less air, while larger pipes require more. It’s important to choose an air compressor with the right  amount of CFM, as too little CFM will leave water in the pipes, while too much can cause permanent damage to pipes and sprinkler heads.

Landscapers will benefit from rotary screw air compressors that are vehicle mounted, lightweight, and compact in size. Vehicle-mounted air compressors ensure compressed air is always available on demand, while a lightweight and compact system frees up space and payload for other landscaping tools and equipment.

VMAC offers several air compressors systems that are well suited for landscaping and winterization work, including G30 gas powered air compressors, D60 diesel driven air compressors, and UNDERHOOD® engine-mounted air compressors.

“Before we got the UNDERHOOD® Air Compressor we used a truck-mounted gas powered air compressor. I like that we don’t have to worry anymore about having gas for a separate engine, or taking up space in the back of our truck. With the UNDERHOOD, you just push the button to start, and get continuous air right away, even in the colder winter months.” 

-Derrick Moore, Evans Landscaping (Cincinnati, OH)



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