Gas Powered Air Compressors

VMAC G30 gas powered air compressors are the best choice for fleet managers and owners who need the lightweight, compact performance of a rotary screw air compressor on service trucks, at the lowest price possible.


Common jobs that use the compressor system:
  • Light/medium duty mobile mechanics
  • Mobile tire service technicians
  • Light duty contractors

Commonly used tools:

  • 3/4” impact wrenches
  • Up to 1″ impact wrench with a small air receiver tank
  • Backfill tampers
  • 2” Horizontal grinders
  • Chipping hammers
  • Die grinders
  • Tire inflation
  • Air wands/blow guns

Standard Gas Powered Air Compressors Benefits

30 CFM, 100% of the Time

VMAC G30 gas powered air compressors include a patented 30 CFM rotary screw air compressor designed to produce full air power, 100% of the time, so you don’t need an air receiver tank. Get jobs done faster, without interruption.

60% Lighter

VMAC G30 gas powered air compressors are engineered and manufactured for mobile applications. Weighing only 205 lb, the VMAC G30 is up to 60% lighter than typical 22 – 30 CFM reciprocating gas engine driven air compressors with 30-gallon air receiver tank. Choosing a lightweight air compressor means you’ll be able to add more tools and equipment to your truck, carry more materials, or take advantage of better fuel economy.

50% Smaller

VMAC air compressors feature the latest rotary screw technology integrated into a compact, turn-key package that is over 50% smaller than other competitive models. You can fit more tools, equipment and supplies on your truck, without hassle.

Industry-Leading Reliability

VMAC G30 gas powered air compressors are proven to work in extreme cold climates across North America when ordered with an optional, factory-installed cold climate kit. Engines supplied by Honda come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty and VMAC rotary screw air compressors come with the industry’s first Lifetime Warranty (Limited).

Standard Gas Powered Air Compressors Components

Air Compressor

Oil-injected rotary screw; 30 CFM @ 100 psi; 100% duty cycle; up to 150 psi


GX390 air-cooled 4-stroke OHV; EPA certified; Honda 3-Year Warranty


Patented integrated oil/air separator and air/oil cooler

Throttle Control

Controlled by system air pressure, idles up/down automatically with air demand

Drive System

Gearless, clutchless, auto-tensioned serpentine belt, aluminum belt-guard


Decreases engine load, lowers sound levels, reduces fuel use and engine wear


ACDelco 12V, 300 CCA, 360 CA

Fuel Supply

Manual choke, Fuel on/off

Fuel Tank

1.6-gallons (6.1 L)

Electronic Key Switch

Electric start; hour meter

Standard Gas Powered Air Compressors Specifications

Air Compressor Output
  • 30 CFM @ 100 psi (150 psi max)
Air Compressor Type
  • Belt-driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw
  • Honda GX390 air cooled 4-stroke OHV with electric start, EPA certified, Honda approved application.

Weight (wet)
  • Approximately 205 lbs (93 kg)
  • 33.5” (l) x 21.4” (w) x 23.9” (h); 85.1 cm (l) x 54.4 cm (w) x 60.7 cm (h)
  • Mounting Plate: 25.0” (l) x 19.125” (w); 63.5 cm (l) x 48.6 cm (w)
Throttle Control
  • 2-speed throttle, responds to air demand
Battery (included)
  • ACDelco 12V, 300 CCA, 360 CA
Control System
  • Key switch, choke, hour meter
  • Automatically idles down/up with air demand
  • Unloader decreases engine load, lowers sound levels, reduces fuel use and engine wear
Safety System
  • Compressor thermal protection circuit
  • Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank
  • 200 psi pressure relief valve
  • Low engine oil pressure shutoff
Decibels (dB) @ 20 feet (6.1 meters)
  • 81 dB at high idle; 67 dB at low idle
Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 1.6-gallons (6.1 L)
Air Receiver Tank (recommended for high duty cycle applications in hot climates)
  • 10-Gallon Air Receiver Tank w/ Mounting Feet
  • 6-Gallon Air Receiver Wing Tank
  • Dual 6-Gallon Air Receiver Tanks (Base Mounted)

  • Two years on all major components; VMAC air ends are covered by VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty (Limited); Honda engine is covered by Honda’s 3-Year Warranty.

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