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Air Compressors For Service Truck Upfitters

A service truck is a significant investment and your customers expect you to deliver a complete package that’s ready to work hard.

VMAC has a wide variety of compact and powerful air compressors available for upfitters, including vehicle integrated, underdeck, and deck mounted solutions.

Black Milron service truck at International upfitters

The BestAir Compressors For Upfitters Available

As an upfitter, you have to keep two things in mind: what’s best for your customer, and what’s best for your business. Fortunately, VMAC air compressors allow you to balance the needs of both, providing high quality air systems that are easy to work with.

Installation speed is critical, whether you’re looking at vehicle integrated or deck mounted air compressors. We have engineered VMAC systems for the easiest possible installation and we are known for our detailed installation manuals, allowing you to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Air compressor support is also an important consideration, and VMAC’s technical support resources and warranty ensure you and your customers are looked after for years to come. 

Meanwhile, your customers will be satisfied to receive the most lightweight, compact, and powerful air compressors on the market today. Our systems free up deck space and reduce pay load, which can be used for other tools, equipment, and materials instead.

“One of the major concerns for customers who purchase our smaller 19,500 GVW 7-series truck body is weight. In order to address this, we’ve made it our goal to reduce the weight of our body and accessories. We have saved almost 260 lbs when installing the VMAC H40 hydraulic driven air compressor instead of the competitor’s comparable air compressor, allowing techs to carry more tools and supplies needed to get their jobs done.”

-Sondra Kirby, Summit Truck Bodies (Kansas, USA)


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