Air Compressors For The Transportation Industry

Mobile Air Compressors For The Transportation Industry

The transportation industry keeps the world moving, and that movement is partially powered by compressed air. Mobile air compressors are used for several vital applications within transportation, including tire service for tractor trailers, mobile maintenance of bus fleets and airports, rail line maintenance, and so much more. 

Air compressors are also used for electric air brakes in transit buses, school buses, and heavy duty trucks. Learn more about custom solutions for air brake applications at

Whether inflating tires, enabling braking systems, or powering tools and equipment, air compressors for the transportation industry need to be efficient, reliable, and sustainable. The ideal air compressor will enhance your fleet’s capabilities, while still meeting any environmental and organizational mandates.

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Choosing Air CompressorsFor Work In Transportation

The right air compressors for transportation fleets are reliable, improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and always get the job done. Rotary screw air compressors are a popular choice for meeting these objectives because they are also compact, lightweight, and operate at 100% duty cycle.

For example, one of the best ways to improve fuel economy is to choose a mobile air compressor that’s as lightweight as possible. By choosing a rotary screw air compressor that weighs hundreds of pounds less than a reciprocating compressor, you can reduce your vehicle weight, improve fuel savings, and potentially downsize your vehicle class size, without compromising on power. 

Size is another important consideration. Smaller air compressors take up less space, resulting in more room for other tools and equipment. While many air compressors are bulky, VMAC specializes in mobile air compressor systems that don’t take up a single inch more than necessary.

Many fleet managers in the transportation industry prefer vehicle integrated air compressors over deck-mounted compressors. Vehicle integrated compressors are installed within the engine compartment or under the vehicle’s deck, taking up no deck or cargo space.

“When we updated our fleet to be more environmentally friendly and lightweight we moved from a 1,000 lb diesel driven air compressor to the UNDERHOOD® 150 which saved us 800 lbs. This fleet update has saved us almost $20,000 in diesel fuel costs and reduced our carbon footprint by 155,000 lb.”

-Bruce Ottogalli, Transportation Manager, Suez North America (New Jersey, USA)

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