Air Compressors for Mines

Air Compressors For Mining Sites

When you’re out at the mine, you need equipment that works.

Air compressors for mining sites are built to withstand the rugged conditions of remote job sites and can handle extreme environments. 

The ideal air compressors for mining sites are reliable, durable, mobile, and powerful.

Mobile mechanic servicing mining hauler in the snow

What To Look ForIn Air Compressors for Mines

You need a reliable air compressor that works every time. Air compressors for mining sites need to endure freezing cold and scalding hot climates and withstand ongoing vibrations while operating on flat ground and steep inclines. Many commercial air compressors haven’t been built for this type of work.

Whether you’re powering tools or repairing heavy duty equipment, the ideal air compressor for a mining site is also mobile and easy to move around. Vehicle mounted air compressors are the ideal option for mobility, ensuring your air compressor is available anywhere your vehicle goes. 

It’s crucial to choose an air compressor that was designed for mining sites. Air compressors need to meet rigorous safety standards, and may require a positive air shutoff system if flammable gases are present. High quality mobile compressors from trusted manufacturers like VMAC are proven in their ability to get the job done, even when that job is hundreds of miles from civilization.

Air Compressors vs. Multifunction SystemsFor Mining Sites

Air compressors are the ideal option when air is the only form of power required. However, multifunction power systems are perfect for job sites that utilize air, electric, and hydraulic power, or work that may require impromptu welding. Consider your equipment use carefully when choosing between standalone air compressors and multifunction systems.

“I am impressed with the versatility of the VMAC Multifunction Power System. I can very quickly and easily go from using the on board air system to welding and air arcing. The unit has been great, reliable and easy to use. I would highly recommend one if someone was setting up a service truck.”

-Great West Equipment (British Columbia, Canada)


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