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Air Compressors For Heavy Equipment Repair

Many industries rely on heavy duty mobile mechanics to keep their machinery and equipment working. When a machine is down in the field, every second of downtime cuts into your customers’ profits. Your customers expect you to respond quickly and work efficiently so they can get back to work. The best air compressors for heavy duty equipment repair are vehicle mounted, compact, lightweight, and powerful enough to get the job done without interruption.

Heavy duty mechanic repairs excavator in empty lot

Air CompressorsFor Heavy Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Heavy duty mobile mechanics use air compressors for equipment repair to power pneumatic tools, blow out dirt and dust from radiators, and inflate tires. Most mobile mechanics need between 30-100 CFM to power air tools, though some may only require an air compressor rated for 30-60 CFM. 

Because equipment repair and maintenance are performed on the job site, mobile and field mechanics need a vehicle mounted air compressor that’s always available. GVW is often a concern for mobile mechanics who need to load up their trucks or service vans with lots of different tools and equipment. Air compressors for heavy equipment repair should be lightweight and compact. 

A reliable air compressor for heavy equipment repair is also necessary. When your work is all about keeping equipment maintained and running, it won’t do to have your air compressor fail on the job. Rotary screw air compressors are respected in the industry because they can be depended on. By simply following the routine maintenance schedule, a rotary screw air compressor will last for years and likely outlive the service vehicle it’s installed on. 

“UNDERHOOD® compressors have given us 3 years of of uninterrupted service on our fleet of mobile service vehicles. It gives us the unrivaled performance and reliability required for our busy operation.”

-Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd. LLC (Dubai, UAE)


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