Corporate Sponsorship

VMAC Corporate Sponsorship Policy

VMAC believes it is very important to invest in the communities where our business is located in order to contribute to our mandate of creating new value for stakeholders. We direct our contributions to a number of targeted areas that are consistent with our Guiding Principle, Purpose, and Core Values. These areas include education, supporting youth activities, people and organizations who protect our workers, community and environment, and events the entire community can participate and enjoy.

Areas Considered for Sponsorship

Programs that educate and inspire relevant business, engineering, and trades education for students in our local community, such as:

  • Curricula development
  • Production/purchase of teaching materials
  • Production/purchase of teaching programs
  • Assemblies or events
  • Clubs and career planning in business, science, engineering, trades

Community Events and Recreational Areas
Events such as local fairs and festivals (music, sports or arts), such as:

  • Underwriting specific events consistent with the VMAC’s mission and values
  • Improvement to public parks and playgrounds
  • Development of community facilities or activities

Community Services
Community service organizations such as Hospice, Child Development Centre, Victim Services, SPCA.

  • Underwriting specific events consistent with the VMAC’s mission and values
  • Donations for annual operating budgets
  • Development of community services facilities or activities

Youth/Amateur Sports and Activities
Activities that support youth and or amateur programs in our local community. Such activities are preferred to be co-ed or offer equal opportunities for all genders, such as

  • Athletic teams that participate in sports
  • Associations that organize and run amateur sports leagues
  • Local school sports teams.
  • Programs and activities that prepare young adults for careers
  • Not for profit youth sports organizations, specifically where funding is to benefit groups to compete.


The following events, programs or entities will NOT be considered for sponsorship by VMAC

  • Organizations that discriminate or restrict membership
  • Political parties, religious organizations, or labor groups/organizations
  • Individuals or artists
  • Private clubs
  • Fundraising dinners
  • Raffle tickets


The organization requesting sponsorship agrees that by accepting VMAC support, it will permit VMAC, if VMAC so chooses, to display a sign and/or have a presence at the event free of charge, be permitted to display our logo on materials and/or have an advertisement in the playbill, program or yearbook etc.

Any use of the VMAC name or logo must comply with the VMAC brand policy and be pre-approved by VMAC’s marketing manager. The organization requesting sponsorship must also allow VMAC access to, and use of event photos and video, as well as use of the organization’s name in VMAC’s corporate marketing and collateral materials.

How to Apply

Sponsorship applications are reviewed on a first come first served basis, until such time as all available sponsorship funds are consumed. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis at the end of each month. It is recommended that the submission be made at least three months prior to the event.

In general, and where approved, VMAC will make one commitment per year to an organization requesting a sponsorship. Applications for additional sponsorship support must be made on a yearly basis.

Organizations must have a tax-exempt classification under paragraph 149 (1) (l) of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Income Tax Act and proof of tax-exempt status must be received by VMAC before any application can be considered.

To be considered for sponsorship, please complete the application form located here.