OEM Air Compressor For Cummins Engines

VMAC-Cummins-EngineThe OEM team at VMAC designs powerful custom air compressor systems for industrial engine applications, including air compressors for Cummins’ B3.3, B4.5, and B6.7 engine models.

With more than 25 years of experience engineering air systems and mounting kits for industrial engines, VMAC works closely with OEM partners to develop air compressor systems to their specifications.

Compressor Systems For Cummins Industrial Engines

VMAC has designed air compressor systems for Cummins engines, including the following models:

SupplierEngine ModelEngine DisplacementVMAC Air End
CumminsQSF2.82.8 LVR70
CumminsB3.33.3 LVR70
CumminsQSF3.83.8 LVR70
CumminsB4.54.5 LVR70
CumminsB6.76.7 LVR70/VR130

Contact us for more information or if you don’t see your preferred engine on the list.

Custom OEM Air Compressor Solutions

VMAC-Cummins-EngineVMAC’s custom OEM air compressor solutions deliver 20-130 CFM of compressed air at 100% duty cycle. Each system design is lightweight, compact, and powerful, and is built to our OEM partner’s needs and specifications.

VMAC has experience engineering air compressors for numerous industries, including construction, mining, transportation, rail, and more. We are well positioned to help you develop fully custom compressor systems for industrial engine applications with annual sales of 20 or more units.

Contact VMAC’s OEM Division

The VMAC OEM division can help you develop air systems for your Cummins industrial engine applications. Call us at 1-888-514-6656 or fill out the form below to start the process.