Custom OEM solutions bring the reliability of a VMAC rotary screw air compressor system to your industrial engine applications. We manufacture continuous duty rotary screw air compressors ranging from 20-130 CFM for the most common industrial engines. 

VMAC air compressors are used by OEMs across the globe, with many partnerships in North America and Europe. We’re proud of the quality work we do with our partner OEMs, including CAT, Cummins, DEUTZ, Finning, Ford, John Deere, Kubota, Lincoln Electric, and many more. 

Contact us online, call 1-888-514-6656, or read more below to learn about VMAC’s custom solutions.


Browse VMAC OEM components offering 20-130 CFM air output.

Mounting Kits

VMAC has over 25 years of experience developing custom mounting kits for industrial engines.


VMAC designs OEM air compressors for a variety of the most challenging applications.

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VMAC is the leader in compressed air innovation, designing and manufacturing the most innovative custom rotary screw air compressors available. Engineered and manufactured in Canada, VMAC air compressor systems and components are custom built to suit your specific application. Find out why many top companies, including CAT, Cummins, DEUTZ, Finning, Ford, Kubota and Lincoln Electric, trust VMAC for their air compressor solutions.

Higher output than reciprocating air compressors

Most industrial engines have a factory option for a reciprocating compressor designed for intermittent duty applications, but for industries like dust collecting, spray foam applicators, prime assist water pumps, road patching and air arc gouging, a more robust rotary screw compressor is required. VMAC OEM custom rotary screw air compressors are powerful, delivering the CFM you need at 100% duty cycle and allowing you to get jobs done faster, improving productivity.

Compact & Lightweight

VMAC air compressors are designed to be compact and lightweight, conserving space and weight on any platform. The compact size of the air compressors enables it to fit in tight spaces. Lightweight equipment is more mobile and frees up weight, allowing you to add more equipment, carry more materials, or save on fuel costs.

Technical Support

VMAC’s highly trained technical support team is available to help by phone and email. With VMAC’s superior technical support on hand, you’ll be able to get the answers you need, and back to work faster.


VMAC’s OEM team will work with your design team to design a custom air compressor to your exact specifications. Your productivity will be improved by having the exact air compressor you need to complete your custom application.

"I was impressed with not only the performance of the compressor but the best part was how things were engineered to fit properly in the engine compartment as if it was built from the factory."
Buzz Kirby, City of Livonia, (Livonia, Michigan, USA)
"The D60 delivers good power, and is basically unstoppable! Just turn it on, do your job, and shut it off – it’s a no brainer. "
Kade Van Shaik, Operator Highway Tire, (British Columbia, Canada)
"There is zero lag on air tools under high demand (VMAC G30)"
Chris Binks, Assistant Manager, KAL TIRE , (British Columbia, Canada)
"With the UNDERHOOD™, you just push the button to start, and get continuous air right away, even in the colder winter months."
Derrick Moore, Evans Landscaping, (Cincinnati Ohio )
"Their products are great and reliable."
Kal Tire, (British Columbia)
"With the UNDERHOOD™ 70-Green Series’ control system, my truck engine is automatically turned off and on with air use."
Dale Clozza, Aurora Roofing, (British Columbia)
"Gives us the unrivalled performance and reliability required for our busy operation"
Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd. LLC, (Dubai, UAE)
"I use a one-inch air gun for tractor trailer tires and my UNDERHOOD™ air compressor doesn’t run out of air."
Gabe’s Emergency Road Service, (Walsenburg, Colorado)
"I am impressed with the versatility of the VMAC Multifunction Power System. "
Great West Equipment, (British Columbia, Canada)
"The DTM70-H is so much quieter than my old reciprocating system."
Phil Fanelli, Owner, Heavy Equipment Repair, (Hilmar, California, USA)