OEM Air Compressor Applications


Mar2019 -DP

VMAC has over 25 years of experience working with equipment manufacturers, designing custom OEM rotary screw air compressors for a variety of challenging applications. From air brakes to spray foam systems, railway maintenance to air arc welding, VMAC OEM solutions offer air compressors systems with air output ranging from 15-130 CFM at 100% duty cycle.

VMAC’s specialty is to custom design compact, lightweight and powerful rotary screw air compressor systems for your industrial applications with annual volume sales of 20+ units. We’re here to help you sell more units for your niche market and provide your customers with a reliable compressed air solution.

Browse the list of applications below for examples of customer solutions developed by VMAC’s OEM team.

  • Air Brakes
    Air brakes
    Better suited for high-duty cycle usage, VMAC offers a rotary screw air compressor solution for your demanding air brake needs.
  • Spray Foam
    Spray foam
    Portable, lightweight spray foam systems available for many applications. Adding an onboard air compressor rather than towing one to the job site reduces the need for another vehicle or a second trip.
  • Pothole / crack sealing
    Pothole / crack sealing
    Turn your pothole/crack sealing trailer into an all-in-one package. Adding an air compressor to your existing engine provides you with added value and reduces the need for additional pieces of equipment.
  • Air arc gouging
    Air arc gouging
    When the job calls for structural steel welding and other rugged outdoor work, you need an engine-driven welder that covers all your process needs – stick, MIG, TIG, flux-cored and gouging. Upgraded for reduced emissions, the Lincoln Air Vantage series has been re-engineered to deliver smoother arc characteristics and improved pipe welding capabilities. The Lincoln Air Vantage® 600 SD includes a VMAC belt-driven compressor with separate gauges to monitor compressor hours and pressure.
  • Air Tools
    Air tools
    Sometimes you just need air to power traditional pneumatic tools, blow off your equipment or fill a tire. Give yourself that option by including a rotary screw air compressor with your equipment or machine.
  • Railway Maintenance
    Railway maintenance
    Railway maintenance is tough enough without having to manage extra pieces of equipment. Use an existing unit to power your air compressor by adding a rotary screw compressor system to it.
  • Railcar Movers
    Railcar movers
    Railcar movers are a practical, convenient way to move railroads cars around—if you have the right equipment to keep up with the high air demand. Rotary screw air compressors are powerful, compact, and require less maintenance than other compressor options.
  • Compressed air foam firefighting
    Compressed air foam firefighting
    Mobile compressed air foam firefighting requires vehicles that can quickly reach the scene. Adding a lightweight, powerful rotary screw compressor to your CAF system’s engine provides a compact unit ready to go when duty calls.
  • Compressor / Generator
    Compressor / Generator
    Many applications have a diesel engine driven generator supplying power to their equipment, while at the same time supplying power to run an electrically driven air compressor, on the same application. Instead of powering the electric motor driven compressor with the generator, why not use the diesel engine to power both the generator and the air compressor at the same time and save a step. One driver instead of two.
  • Water blasting / Water jet cutting
    Water blasting systems need powerful compressors for efficient, cost-effective cleaning. VMAC’s compressors can power systems at different pressures, allowing OEMs to build innovative water blasting and water jet cutting technology.
  • Water pump primers
    VMAC compressors are compact, powerful and reliable, helping you ensure your water pump will operate when needed, for as long as you need, and can be counted on to perform for the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Carpet & duct cleaning
    Every pound and inch counts when operators are hauling carpet and duct cleaning equipment around. Rotary screw compressors offer a lightweight and compact power solution allowing operators to complete jobs faster than ever before.
  • Dust extraction
    Maximize performance with dust extraction tools that are more powerful without increasing the size or space required. With a 100% duty-cycle VMAC rotary screw compressor as part of your equipment, wait times will be a thing of the past and you can operate your filtration system at peak capacity in even the most demanding environments.

Give the VMAC OEM team a call at 1-888-514-6656 to discuss OEM air compressor applications for your industry.