VMAC OEM Air Compressor Components


A variety of OEM air compressor components are available, offering 20 to 130 CFM air output. Below is a list of each OEM air compressor component. See the technical specifications, including flow rate, power rate, and torque rate, for the 30 CFM and 70 CFM air compressors below.

  • VR30 Components

    VR30 Belt Drive Air Compressor

    WHASP Tank combo Air/Oil Separator Cooler

    VR30 Compressor Outputs

    View 10-30 CFM Rotary Screw Spec Sheet

  • VR70 Components

    VR70 Belt Drive Air Compressor

    VR70 Air Oil Separator Tank

    VR70 Air to Oil Cooler

    VR70 Liquid to Oil Cooler

    VR70 Spline Drive Air Compressor

    VR70 Compressor Outputs

    View 30-70 CFM Rotary Screw Technical Specifications

  • VR 150 Components

    VR150 Belt Drive Air Compressor

    VR150 Air Oil Separator Tank

    VR150 Liquid to Oil Cooler
  • Other Components

    60CFM Primary Air/Oil Separator Tank

    Manifold Assembly

    45CFM Primary Air/Oil Separator Tank

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