Why Choose VMAC OEM Custom Air Compressors?

Why Choose VMAC OEM Custom Air Compressors?

VMAC designs and manufactures the most compact, powerful custom rotary screw air compressors available. Engineered and manufactured in North America, for over 25 years, VMAC air compressor systems and components are high-performing, and can be custom built to suit your specific application and are proven in the harshest conditions. Read on to find out why many top companies, including Cummins, Finning CAT , John Deere, Ford Industrial Engines and Lincoln Electric, trust VMAC for their air compressor solutions.

100% duty cycle

VMAC’s OEM custom air compressors operate at 100% duty cycle. Having a continuous duty air compressor on the jobsite means that no time is wasted waiting for air. You can get jobs done faster, and improve productivity. Using compressors designed for 100% duty cycle also mean these compressors are more reliable and will last longer than a reciprocating compressor designed for 25% duty cycle.

Higher output than reciprocating air compressors

Rotary screw air compressors are known for being higher performing than reciprocating air compressors. Most industrial engines have a factory option for a reciprocating compressor designed for intermittent duty applications, but for industries like dust collecting, spray foam applicators, prime assist water pumps, road patching, high duty air brake applications and air arc welding, a more robust rotary screw compressor is required.  VMAC OEM custom rotary screw air compressors are powerful, delivering the CFM you need, and allowing you to get jobs done faster, improving productivity.


VMAC air compressors and multi-power systems are designed to be compact, conserving space on any platform. The compact size of the air compressors frees up space for other tools and equipment, and fits in tight spaces.


VMAC air compressors are lightweight, making them easier to transport, allowing for improved productivity in mobile applications. A lighter vehicle improves fuel economy for cost savings.

Technical Support

VMAC’s highly trained technical support team is available to help by phone and email. With VMAC’s superior technical support on hand, you’ll be able to get the answers you need, and back to work faster.


VMAC’s OEM team will work with your design team to design a custom air compressor to your exact specifications. Your productivity will be improved by having the exact air compressor you need to complete your custom application.

Give the VMAC OEM team a call at 1-888-514-6656 or visit our contact page to discuss OEM mounting kits for your industrial engine.